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5 | PageConjugal visits are scheduled visits during which an inmate of a prison is permitted to spend several hours or days in privacy with their spouse and children or any other family member. Indeed, sex will be involved in conjugal visitation however that is not the sole purpose of the programme. Just to name a few of its fundamental purpose; for the prisoner to develop into a law abiding citizen upon his release by means of family bonding, to develop positive emotions, morals and values whilst in prison and to alleviate dangerous violent and sexual assault problems. Conjugal visits are not widely accepted and is still a much debated topic, this research paper looks at how male prisoners will benefit from conjugal visits whilst in prison by ensuring a lower rate of issues in prison such as recidivism, tension and frustration and the positive impact it has on the family life and the relationships of the prisoner, thus keeping the family together and aiding in breaking the cycle of crime.Prisoners who participate in conjugal visitation programs are fully aware that if their behaviour towards other inmates is violent and as such increases tension among other prisoners and correctional officers, the end result may be the stoppage of the programme or the withdrawal of the prisoner from the programme. It is by this means, frustration and hostile behaviour amongst prisoners is decreased. In order for a prisoner to be entitled to participate in a conjugal visitation programme, certain criteria must be met by the prisoner. There are behavioural management levels most correctional facilities adhere to in order to give the privilege of conjugal visits to an inmate. In other words conjugal visitation can be seen as an earned privilege as well as a control mechanism, whereby the prisoner can lose or fail to gain such privilege if his behaviour does not conform to the correctional facilities rules, regulations and behaviourial code of conduct. According to (Carter, 1989), " In interviews conducted as part of the evaluation of Correctional Service of Canada PFV (private family visitation) program, 75% of offenders indicated that they attempted to avoid situations which could ultimately jeopardize their visiting privileges (Carter, 1989). More recently, Hensley, Rutland, Gray-Ray, and Durant (2000, as cited in Hensley, Koscheski, & Tewksbury, 2002) examined the effects of visitation programs on violent institutional misconducts among Mississippi inmates" (p.3). In general, offenders who participated in conjugal visits were less likely to threaten or commit a violent act while incarcerated than inmates who did not participate in conjugal visits.Conjugal visitation lowers the rate of recidivism as research as shown that inmates who participated in a conjugal visitation programme were least likely to return to prison when compared to prisoners who did not participate. The use of the family by means of a prisoner's parents, spouse, children and relatives has...

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