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Connected In The Circle Of Life

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The Circle of Life is a cycle of life and death that restarts every day. According to Mufasa in The Lion King, “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope” (Disney). Mufasa explains Simba’s duties as king and the connection of all the animals in the Circle of Life. The theme is further conveyed by using examples of light and dark to symbolize the life cycle. The Circle of Life is present in literature such as The Lion King by Disney, Lightning Crashes by Live, and His Immortality by Thomas Hardy.
In The Lion King by Walt Disney, the theme of the Circle of Life is illustrated. Disney displays this theme by using the concept of light and dark. During Mufasa’s reign, light touches Pride Rock enabling plants and animals to live and claiming their kingdom. The light represents life and all that it touches, brings peace and joy to their kingdom. Once Mufasa dies and Simba runs away, Scar takes control of the kingdom. He and the hyenas destroy life, the animals leave, and darkness sets upon the kingdom as they struggle to survive. Death is symbolized by using the darkness that kills life and happiness at Pride Rock. Disney further conveys the Circle of Life by also using the concept of life and death itself. The story tells of a baby lion cub, starting his Circle of Life, as he is born into the royal family to become the next king as the sun sets on Mufasa’s kingdom and rises on Simba’s. For every male birth, a male death must occur. As Scar’s hatred becomes murderous, Mufasa is thrown off a cliff and into a stampede and he is brutally trampled to death. When Mufasa dies, his soul continues to live within his son, completing his Circle of life as Simba grows farther in his cycle. Disney uses light and dark and life and death to explain the Circle of Life as Pride Rock develops its Circle of Life through Mufasa and Scar’s control until fire and rain restarts the rock’s cycle, allowing new life to grow with a new king and in a son’s birth and father’s death in the Circle of Life. Not only is the theme of the Circle of Life present in movies, but also shown in songs.
In the song, Lightning Crashes by Live, the theme of the Circle of Life is present. Live displays this theme by illustrating a picture of a new mother giving birth and as the baby starts its life cycle, “The angel opens her eyes” (Life). The parents and the child are discovering new experiences and skills as the baby starts its Circle of Life. The song completes the idea of the Circle of Life by showing another mother down the hall that ends her life cycle...

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