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Connection Between Cell Phone Usage And Health

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This eBook chapter gives a detailed account of the following health aspects connected to the use of mobile phones: radiation, cancer, brain tumours and sleep disorders. The chapter pays particular attention to the physical health effects of mobile phone usage, such as: How radiation can be absorbed into the human body, whether or not cancer is linked to excessive mobile phone use and if mobile phones can lead to brain tumour development. The results being presented in this chapter state there are no solid links between excessive phone usage and harmful effects of radiation, developing cancer or brain tumours but do insist that further investigation is required. In this chapter the author ...view middle of the document...

Evidence from this study also shows those individuals with a strong anticipation for receiving phone calls and text messages were the ones most likely to be involved in a motor vehicle incident. The article has been quite comprehensive in terms of its detailed attention to the characteristics mentioned above and how they could affect an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. The article does not seem to contain any credibility issues as the study was carried out by reputable researchers from the University of Washington, contains an extensive list of references and published as a peer reviewed journal in the Journal of Adolescents which is ranked as one of the top scholarly journals in adolescent medicine and health. However one shortcoming is that it does contain some obscure results due to the fact the authors are unable to measure the variables at the time of accidents and the information being used relies on the honesty and memory of a small and specific demographic of individuals partaking in the questionnaire. The article is recent as it was published in 2013. It has increased my understanding of the links between emotional reactions to phone calls and text messages and their possible impacts on performance and health.

This article focuses on a study that examines the potential links between mobile phone use and mental health illness, in particular: depression, stress and sleep disorders. The study, which was based on two questionnaires held 12 months apart, was conducted on 4156 young Swedish adults between the ages of twenty and twenty four years old. The results show the over use of mobile phones is linked...

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