Connection Between Relationships And Emotions Essay

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Emotions can make a powerful or hollow connection between two people. Although a person’s emotions can define their relationship with someone else, emotions can also separate the two people. Relationships can be more meaningful when the people involved are on the same page. Positive emotional connections create stability in relationships.
There is a variety of relationships that a person experiences in a lifetime. A relationship is something that connects two or more people emotionally, mentally or physically. Relationships can be with family, friends, a significant other, and co-workers. Some relationships can help boost self-confidence and self-worth if the relationship goes well or ends well. Although some relationships can tear a person down mentally and emotionally. All relationships go back to a person’s first attachment with their parents which starts “the development of social and emotional behaviors” (Parette 3).
A person’s relationship between them and their parent(s) can affect their emotions and connections with other people. A child’s relationship with their parent or parents can be quite complicated. Complicated relationships can come from living arrangements. . A “supporting, caring family environments provide a basis for the development of competence, self-respect and adequate behaviour of children and young people” (Erdes-Kavecan 301). It can affect the child’s emotions because the child can feel happy or depressed about the situation. If the child gets the choice to live with one parent or another, a step parent or even a guardian. A “supporting, caring family environments provide a basis for the development of competence, self-respect and adequate behaviour of children and young people” (Erdes-Kavecan 301)
A child’s emotions can be dictated by how they were raised. Each family has a different way of raising their children. A child raised by a single parent and a child raised by one biological parent and a step parent are likely to feel lonely or mad. A child with a single parent due to divorce, separation or abandonment can also feel guilty. “The loss of a parent due to a divorce often cause more loneliness than the lost by death. Children often interpret that parents chose to separate and leave, while they eventually understand that death was not the child’s responsibility” (Bullcock 47). Whenever a parent remarries and other children are involved, the children can feel hatred to one another because their parent remarried. Siblings, step siblings and half siblings can push each other’s buttons...

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