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Connection Problem To The Bilkent University Virtual Private Network

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1. Introduction
There are 15.618 students in Bilkent University [1], including undergraduate students, Master students and PhD students. Currently 4025 students are living in the Bilkent dormitories [2] so 11.261 students live out of Bilkent University. When I conduct an online survey with these Bilkenters, according to survey results, %78.38 of Bilkenters use Bilkent Virtual Private Network from out of Bilkent [3]. This means that 8200 Bilkenters use Virtual Private Network of Bilkent. Also, according to survey results %51.36 of Bilkenters, in other words 4100 people use Bilkent Virtual Private Network in their daily life [4]. Therefore, Bilkent Virtual Private Network has a vital importance for Bilkenters. So that, if any problem occurring to the connection to the Bilkent VPN service, it needs to be solved as soon as possible.
I experienced that when I want to connect to the Bilkent Virtual Private Network, I have connection problems and I conducted a survey to see whether this is common problem or not. I asked the question “Are you have connection problem to the Bilkent VPN server?" the answer is clearly indicates that this problem is not use related problem. It is totally server related problem because %74 of participants votes for "yes" [5]. Since the Bilkent VPN has a vital importance to complete numerous tasks, solving this problem has a direct relation with increasing performance of the Bilkent students. This proposal intends to examine the factors creating a connection problem and investigates possible solutions to change this negative state by taking cost and duration of the implementation into account.

2. Problem definition

2.1 Poor quality servers

The servers which are used for Virtual Private Network services are all have purchased before 2008. However after 2008, server technologies are changed incredibly. Therefore, poor quality servers are directly linked to the connection problem. According to the Uğur Ayfer who is the Director of Bilkent Computer Center, for the Virtual Private Network service Bilkent has a rack mounted type server and blade type server [6]. According to him, both rack mounted type blade type servers have a just 100 gigabyte allocation for users [7]. However, both rack mounted and blade type servers are not used in today’s information sector. Because of these type servers do not provide a fast response time and their bandwidth allocation is not big enough to deal with the received responses, having a connection problem to the Bilkent Virtual Private Network is normal.

2.2 Inadequate number of servers

The numbers of servers are significant for the request to the users on time. When I interview with Vice Chief Executive of Bilkent Computer Center, he said that, Bilkent Computer Center just provides 2 servers for the Virtual Private Network service [8]. However, to the standard of International Server Deployment Services worldwide standards for each 50 user, hosts should have one server [9]. However, in...

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