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Connections Between Dickinson’s Life And Themes

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Many people in the world today misunderstand and judge other people. This represents people throughout time. In the mid to late 1800s, people judged Emily Dickinson and never really knew who she was. Her life was a mystery to most people because all they knew was her reclusive self. She wrote at the end of the Romantic Period but is also referred to as a writer from the Realist era due to her focusing on negative aspects of life. Writing over 1,770 poems, Dickinson published only seven throughout her lifetime (Dommermuth-Costa 105). People never realized her talent until after she was dead and her sister, Lavinia, took her poems to be published (104). Without intending to do so, Dickinson affected American Romanticism through her writings and her knowledge (104). She wrote unconventional, but her poems were unique by lacking a title and using different punctuation (104). People can learn about Emily Dickinson without just reading her biography. Her poetry reveals many aspects of her life such as solitude, pain, religion, love, and death. Emily Dickinson’s life greatly influenced her poetry.
Dickinson’s poetry possesses the idea of solitude just as her life did. “There is a Solitude of Space” says that a person can find anonymity in the privacy of her home (Dommermuth-Costa 56). In addition, “The Soul Selects Her Own Society” contains a description of a soul that freely chooses to close itself off from the world to pursue solitude in order to help with her creativity and self-discovery, which is what Dickinson decided to do with her life (“The Soul Select”). In the first stanza of “The Soul Selects Her Own Society,” the speaker describes the soul shutting a door, an image of an individual deliberately closing herself away (“The Soul Select”). In addition, the poem uses symbols like chariots and emperors to show that she does not care about wealth, romance, power, or any other outside world attraction (“The Soul Select”). Towards the end of “The Soul Selects Her Own Society,” Dickinson compares the soul to stone making it seem heavy and irreversible meaning that the soul cannot change its mind when it shuts itself off from the world (“The Soul Select”). Both of these poems relate to Dickinson’s life because she decided to live in her parents’ house and hardly ever come outside except to garden occasionally (Dommermuth-Costa 58). Living in solitude, Dickinson wrote to her friends and family even though she was content with her life (58). Although Dickinson did not view it this way, she became a prisoner in her home (68). According to her, she never left her house because she felt safe and loved there, and the outside world frightened her (68). Perceiving that something terrible would happen to her, Dickinson hardly left her house at all (56). Dickinson’s life focused on her letters and poetry which required a great deal of solitude, and “The Homestead provided all the solitude Emily could wish for in which to write her poems” (56:68). Dickinson’s...

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