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Connections Between Richard The Third And Looking For Richard

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Richard the 3rd and Looking for Richard"Transcript"Good Morning and my fellow scholars, I am Doctor Keenan Singh and welcome to my keynote presentation.William Shakespeare's 'History tragedy' Richard the III, is an incredibly informative and entertaining play from the Elizabethan Era, though for much of the general population of the 20th century, itself and Shakespeare's work in general are seen as out-dated and irrelevant to the contemporary society. Why is it that people of the modern day so often find it difficult to relate to the literary great that is Shakespeare? Al Pacino's 'Looking for Richard' confronts this issue by identifying why Shakespeare is constantly disregarded by the contemporary audience and aims to overcome this issues by drawing relationships between modern society and the values of Shakespeare's work. This inevitably shows how exploring connections between texts enhances the importance of context, characterisation and perspective. Through this presentation there will be constant reference to the shakespearian expertise of Sir Ian McKellen to further adapt the notion of the importance of making connections.In Shakespeare's "Richard III", the character of Richard is depicted as a physically deformed with a sever lust for power who is centred around the aim to be evil, he is even referred to by Margaret as 'thou Elvish-mark'd, abortive, rooting hog', his Human Morality is non-existant. Richard is seen as a man of Machiavellian politics by not hesitating to act immorally to satisfy his ambition. This portrayal of Richard is a way of shakespeare alluding to the tudor myth.It is integral to keep in mind that William Shakespeare was not only writing for the common public of the Elizabethan Era, he was also writing at the cost of the satisfaction of the Monarch. As the monarch of Shakespeare's time was Queen Elizabeth the first, Shakespeare and many other authors of the time had to write their works in line with the tudor myth, a myth that entailed that the days of the house of York were treacherous and evil and that the days of the tudors from the end of the war of the roses with King Henry the seventh and onwards, were days of glory and prosperity, Hence the depiction of Richard, third Duke of York as a villainous foul creature, as put by Sir Ian McKellen 'A biscuit that came out of the oven and it's not cooked properly'.In an interview with Sir Ian, he points out that in the opening soliloquy, Richard makes the audience aware that it is his own discontent for the throne of England and his physical deformity that drives him to commit such devilish acts 'I, that am not shap'd for sportive tricks...since I cannot prove a lover...I am determined to prove a villain'. This is a concept, in time of Shakespeare, in the elizabethan era, would have startled audiences and developed their perceptions of past rulers by alluding to the possibility of a previous corruption within the their own ruling monarch, this what you and I now know as...

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