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Connections Between Video Games And Violence

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Connections between Video Games and Violence
Many of the young people of today’s generation have played video games; whether it is Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Mario, Sonic, Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Skyrim. Almost every electronic device is capable of running games. As advancement in technology increases, the video game industry will also advance. More and more of the next generations are bound to be affiliated with video games. There is a debate whether video games cause people to be violent, especially in adolescents. Do video games really cause violence? There have been many researches done to come to a conclusion to this question. Not only did Armadi Tansal write an essay to help answer this question, but there has been an online debate about it also. These two pieces of writing may differ in many ways, but they both help to justify an answer to the big question.
Analyzing Different Genres
Personal Essay
Armadi Tansal wrote an essay titled, “Modern Warfare: Video Games’ Links to Real-World Violence”. The name itself informs the reader what the essay is about. Tansal starts off talking about his friend “John”. John is a college student who plays extensive hours of video games which are rated M for mature. Tansal compares John to research conducted by Craig Anderson. According to Tansal, violent video games have no affect on his friend John. He claims that John is surprisingly calmer. Anderson on the other hand disagrees. He conducted a research where he came to the conclusion that violent video games are associated with violent behavior. Tansal believes that being associated with violent video games does not mean video games cause such behavior.
Online Debate
There is a debate online open to the public regarding whether or not violent video games cause behavior problems. The public are free to leave their comments and to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the topic. They are also free to comment on any post or ‘like’ a post. Many of the posts are highly opinionated. Some use themselves as examples and others use statistics as examples. As of right now, the votes are tied. Fifty percent said yes and the other fifty percent said no.
Tansal’s essay was written for educative purposes. The audiences for his essay are for his fellow classmates and other students around the globe (who speak English), but it...

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