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The Novel Woman At Point Zero By Nawal El Saadawi

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The novel Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi and the article “With Tasers and placards, the women of Egypt are fighting back against sexism” by Laurie Penny can be connected both internally in regards to the text and outwardly to the time and place surrounding the novel and article. Although Woman at Point Zero provides a fictional journey, one that is at heart and by inspiration very genuine, the ideas incorporated into this novel are just as authentic as those provided by the first hand account given by Laurie Penny. Woman at Point Zero follows the story of one woman, Firdaus, who is forcibly raped on numerous occasions. Firdaus later finds security by means of prostitution, which leads her to be targeted on a more authoritative scale. Ultimately Firdaus finds strength to retaliate against the men who have harmed her, as can be seen when she defends herself, killing her pimp. Penny documented her experience at a women’s march in Egypt, after interviewing after obtaining views of the social injustices occurring in this region. The very similar infrastructure for these texts allows one to easily draw connections. Both article and novel can be connected through the familiar settings of the authors, the techniques used to convey the situation of Egypt, and the direct intentions that the authors held and ultimately saw into fruition.
The first essential means by which the writings can be connected is through the settings of both the authors and the writings presented. Some basic research of both Nawal El Saadawi and Laurie Penny will expose the underlying beliefs held by both authors, namely feminism, or essential human rights in general. The society and culture of both Britain and Egypt provide ample opportunity for one to connect with human rights. When any person observes the oppression of others around them, it is easy for their setting to drive their actions or beliefs. The author of the article most likely found inspiration from the women who she interviewed an incorporated into her journalistic report. Penny documents, “Rana and Gina, young students who have been part of the revolution since 2011 and have experienced sexual harassment, are holding up placards demanding the passerby acknowledge sexism” (Penny 1). Penny attended the women’s march herself and as a result gained personal connection with the women around her. Likewise, El Saadawi drew inspiration from the women who she mentored in prison. El Saadawi shares in her preface,“As she unfolded her life before me, I learnt more and more about her. I developed a feeling and admiration for this woman who seemed to me so exceptional in the world of women to which I was accustomed” (El Saadawi xi). Both authors are connected by a desire to connect themselves with other women around them who are resolute in making change. Both authors recognized a common concern involving the Egyptian society and found women who were exceptional in their desire to make a difference. Both authors...

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