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Connections Through Experiences Essay

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Light during the day, darkness at night, growth and development, as well as death at the very end of one’s life are all experiences that most human beings will see in their lifetime. Death is one of the most common fears throughout our species. Society has developed medicines, advanced medical procedures, and routines to further one’s health and lifespan all to escape death. When faced with genocide and concentration camps, the Jewish community in various European countries, held on to any hope they could scrounge up despite Nazi Germany’s attempt to diminish all rays of hope. Separating families, taking away basic rights, killing the old, young, sick, and disabled are just the first steps taken by the Nazi’s to confiscate hope from the Jews. Some within the Jewish community saw this as the ultimate test of faith to God, while others saw this as a severe punishment from God himself. Elie’s contemplation and struggles with his religious views are just ...view middle of the document...

Rebelling against God is my upmost regret in my nineteen years of life because it put me in between a rock, being my parents, and a hard place, which was having no one to turn to. Needless to say, “Against God” are two words that I hope never fall into my life again.
I found God again after getting the appropriate help I desperately needed and when my mom convinced me to go to the Methodist summer camp I went to every year at Lazy W Ranch. It was my first year in the Senior High Camp and it was the most life-changing year for me. No one at camp knew except the deans who were in charge of everything and the nurse who gave me my antidepressants and antianxiety medications each morning and night. I hadn’t yet entered 9th grade but everyone at this camp made me feel like I would have fit in even if I had a medicated mental disorder. This changed not only my outlook of my peer but also that of God because if his followers were so accepting of me then God must be accepting as well. Elie talks about not seeing any results from God for the prayers he and his peers would say every day during the Holocaust, but I now think that maybe he just didn’t see the smallest of answers because the Nazi’s took away his hope of ever living a normal human life again. Although the situation Elie was put into wasn’t ideal, he still fit in with the Jewish community and they stuck together until they started treating each other like animals just before the war ended and they were set free.
In The Chalice and the Blade, Eisler suggests that there are two simple models on which civilization can be constructed. The first example is the dominator model which is when a caste system is the main order and is maintained with aggression and force. The second example is the partnership model which is more egalitarian and accommodating. Eisler's book is an effort to assert that dominator-based principles are avoidable and that in early human societies, the structure was mainly egalitarian. She also proposes that something must have happened that changed the progress within society and caused the alteration to the now prevailing dominator model.

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