Conpare/Contract Paper About The Role Of Religion In The Jilting Of Granny Weatherall And The Man To Send Rain Clouds.

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Joe Van LanenMay 6, 2004EN 135J.K. RayThe Jilting of Granny Weatherall and The Man to SendRain Clouds both deal with people's attitudes towardsreligion and the role of in people's lives. Write a paperdiscussing the role of religion in these two stories.ReligionIn both stories The Man to Send Rain Clouds and TheJiltingof Granny Weatherall religion plays a large part inthe lives of the characters, but in death it takes an evenmore central role.In The Jilting of Granny Weatherall, granny has livedA long life filled with many struggles and hardships alongthe way. She has staid the course throughout her life andendured all the trials and tribulations which God asked ofher. She endured being jilted by her husband to be, Georgeat an earlier time in her life. Later her husband Johndies, leaving her to care for the children and tend theupkeep of the farm. "When she thought of all the food shehad cooked, and all the clothes she had cut and sewed, andall the gardens she had made - well the children showedit". (page 1032) "She had fenced in a hundred acres once,digging the post holes herself and clamping the wires withjust a negro boy. That changed a woman". (page 1032) Asdeath nears, she thinks that God will give her a signbefore He is ready to take her out of this life. "I'm notgoing Cornelia. I'm taken by surprise. I can't go". (page1036) "Granny lay curled down within herself, amazed andwatchful, staring into a tiny point in the center of lightthat was herself; her body was now only a deeper mass ofshadow in an endless darkness and this darkness would curlaround the light and swallow it up. God, give a sign."(page 1036) Granny also felt that her way into heavenwould be almost guaranteed because "she had her secretcomfortable understanding with a few saints who cleared astraight road to God for her". (page 1035) She is certainafter all the hardships that she has done enough to gainheaven, and feels that there is no reason to that sheneeds to do more to obtain heaven. As death finally isnear, she lays in her bed waiting for God to give her asign when He will take her. She suddenly realizes justmoments before her death that God is not going to show herany sign and that He not her will decide when He shalltake her from this life. Granny feels that she has beenjilted for a second time in her life, when the final signshe has been awaiting from God never appears. "...

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