Overcoming Mount Redcloud My Creative Writing Teacher Wanted Us To Write A Paper Over Something We Had Experienced, But She Wanted It In The Form Of Fiction.

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Overcoming Mount Redcloud"Rise and shine!" shouted Joanna as she pulled the curtains back. "What the hell time is it?" Jordan's thought process wasn't so great at this hour. She rolled over and pulled a pillow over her head. "5:30!" exclaimed Joanna, and yanked the pillow out of Jordan's arms. "You mean they have one of those in the morning too?" Jordan moaned. Joanna giggled. "Come on sleepyhead! You can take a shower first so you can wake yourself up. You'll need it." She looked around the room for a few seconds. "Here. You'll need these too." She said as she tossed Jordan's hiking boots over to her side of the hotel room. Joy, Jordan thought. Another fun-filled day of hiking up that hideous trail with the icky tarantulas and huge scorpions as well as other crawly creatures. She was a city girl, and her and The Great Outdoors didn't get along very well. They just couldn't see eye to eye. Jordan was a girly girl, and wasn't a fan of hiking adventures and creatures and getting dirty. Joanna, on the other hand, was very competitive, and very athletic. She was the cutest little half Korean girl, with adorable chubby cheeks, but nothing could stand in her way. She loved doing outdoorsy-type stuff with her dad. The only thing they had in common was that they were both 15, and they both played the trombone in the high school band together. But they had been best friends since Joanna had moved to Jordan's high school at the beginning of the past school year. And this year, on her family's summer vacation to Colorado, she had invited Jordan to come along with her and her dad and her sweet little Korean mom. Oh yeah. The authentic Korean food. That was a big enough adventure for Jordan in itself. Much different than any other Asian food she had ever experienced. But apparently it wasn't enough for Joanna. "Me and you and dad are gonna hike a 14er." Joanna said. "Huh?" "Mt. Recloud. We're gonna hike it. It's over 14,000 feet high. 14,037, to be exact." Jordan stared at Joanna. She couldn't be serious. Didn't she know how inexperienced Jordan was at this whole hiking thing? She'd had enough trouble hiking up that mini-mountain behind the hotel. And it was a high one. "Really...?" was all Jordan could squeak out. "Yeah! It's gonna be so great! I can't wait to get up to the summit and breathe the fresh mountain air!! Now go shower so we can go!!" Assuming there was no argument, Jordan grabbed some clothes and headed toward the shower. She was enjoying the trip, and was very grateful that Joanna and her family had invited her. But she just wasn't enjoying the outdoor-type thing. She kind of wished Joanna had taken into consideration that she was barely even a beginner as far as the whole hiking thing went. But she didn't wanna say anything, because she didn't want to offend her best friend, especially after she had invited her to go on this trip.After the girls got ready, they went next door to Joanna's parents room and knocked on the door. They were greeted...

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899 words - 4 pages beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except for Teddy's. His present was clumsily wrapped in the heavy, brown paper that he got from a grocery bag.Mrs. Thompson took pains to open it in the middle of the other presents. Some of the children started to laugh when she found a rhinestone bracelet with some of the stones missing, and a bottle that was one quarter full of perfume. But she stifled the children's laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the

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921 words - 4 pages ignore their contempt though. We maintained the attitude that its just a game. Coach F. always told us to play hard, but play for fun. Winning wasn't important if we had a good time. Maybe he said that because we were the lowest ranked team, but in all honestly we didn't care. We won some, we lost some- well, we lost most of the time- but it was the love of the game that kept us going.We huddle together and do our standard cheer to get our spirits

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561 words - 2 pages laws. But the laws on same sex marriages is clearly in question.One of the reasons I believe this event of legalizing gay marriages will never work is because our society is too stilted on the sanctity of marriage. Furthermore, my other main concern is for any children of those gay marriages. Psychologists have proven a child needs a male and female role models to mature and grow naturally. One can only imagine how that child would feel out of

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Let's just say I had a lot of fun writing this creative writing piece, for class. Teacher gave "A" for creative use of time. Very "a la Matrix," but dont let that distract you ;)

2407 words - 10 pages anymore,' she knew she had to do something. He had not said those words to her in over thirty years.I reached down to pet Charlie Jr. He yipped, and wagged his beautiful tail. Golden retrievers are such loving animals. Puppies are even nicer. I straighten back up, and walk away.I see old Lou's place now. I had a feeling it was going to be the chocolate chip pancakes. They're always perfect. Warm, gooey, delicious.Wiping my lips, I shout thanks to Lou

Dont ask; my english teacher assigned us to write this and i called it MY ITHAKA since that was the name of the project

1435 words - 6 pages certain business, but instead hired by the businesses to be a lawyer for them. I am still a novice lawyer, in a way, for this is my third year out to face the world. And now I truly ask myself: Have I become what I really truly want to become (a lawyer)? I am a lawyer, however, I am not sure if I'm a very good lawyer. I know that later on in life, I might possibly lose cases, but I have reached my bliss of becoming a lawyer. To go to my bliss, I had

The title was A Separate Peace and we had to write about what was the "separate peace" in the story. We had to write it in the MLA format

598 words - 2 pages , a burst of faint, isolated laughter carried to us from the back door of the gym." (Knowles, Page 10). It is evident that Devon was a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the "outside" world and allowed Gene to escape from all of the hectic happenings during the time of World War II.Judging from experiences in my life, I can clearly see why Phineas and Devon school provided comfort in Gene's life. For instance, just as Gene's friendship with

This is the ending to a book called "On The Edge" writtem by Gillian Cross .My teacher wanted short sentances and long sentances and very descriptive writing. I covered all the criteria needed and...

931 words - 4 pages there was silence. There was a small smirk on the man's face. Jinny had not heard the woman speak since Doyle came back but she spoke very quietly. "Just let her go," she whispered. "She's nothing to us. We don't need her." She was starting to raise her voice. Doyle saw the anger in her face, he recognised it from the night he beat Tug. "Lets just give up!" She was now shouting. "We have achieved

Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House" How Isben wanted the reader to interpret Nora's exit from her marriage and the life she knew.

1514 words - 6 pages play shows that Nora never had an important role in the lives of her children; she just served as a playmate for them. The Helmer's nurse is the true caregiver for the children. When the children would call for their mother, Nora would tell them to go and play.CHILDREN. No, Mummy. Will you play with us again now?NORA. No, no. Not now.CHILDREN. Oh but, Mummy, you promised!NORA. I know, but I can't just now. Go back to the nursery. I've got a lot

Creative Writing - Fiction - T

805 words - 3 pages resources with which to feed themselves and stay alive, but they also had no place to put their rapidly multiplying species. Now they find themselves living in any hole with breathing space, fighting their fellows like fools for insignificant scraps of food which were once bountiful. Here I sit, my roots torn from the once good earth that fed us all, soon to be a useless meal to two useless individuals fallen victim to the foolishness of the

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