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Conquering North Carolina's Endangered Aves Essay

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Conquering North Carolina’s Endangered Aves
North Carolina has nine birds that are listed as FE, Federally Endangered, and five birds that are listed as FT, Federally Threatened (Protected). Endangered species are in danger of becoming extinct, whereas threatened species are likely to become endangered (What). The Wood Stork, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Bewick’s Wren, and American Peregrine Falcon consist of four of the nine FE birds. Of the five FT birds in North Carolina, two of them are the Bald Eagle and the Northern Saw-whet Owl (Protected). These birds are endangered because of habitat destruction, hunting/poaching, lack of food, etc. Protecting and restoring the habitats, captive breeding, and laws and regulations made to protect the endangered species are ways to conquer Federal Endangerment (Raleigh).
A habitat is the natural environment for an organism (Dictionary). Birds can live in many different habitats that range from suburban and urban environments to very specific environments (All). For the bird’s habitat to be successful it needs to have food, water, cover, and space. With those four essential elements birds can survive in the habitat’s environment (Maclean). Habitat destruction is the process in which a natural habitat is functionally unable to provide for the present species (Dictionary). Habitat destruction is due to human activities, pollution, tremendous vegetation growth, and deforestation (Unit).
To solve habitat destruction, North Carolina is restoring the habitats of birds. Restoration involves vegetation control, limits on pesticides and other chemicals, and protection of the habitats (All). Space was one of the four essential elements for a habitat. The tremendous vegetation growth crowded the bird’s habitat, reducing habitat space. Without the needed space, the birds had trouble flying, finding food, and finding water. The space problem was eliminated by vegetation control (Maclean).
Pollution was another major cause of habitat destruction (Unit). The pollution was the effect of the use of pesticides and other chemicals. These substances polluted the bird’s water and air. Limiting the use of the substances greatly decreased the pollution in the air and water (Maclean).
The largest source of habitat destruction is human activities (Unit). Architecture, farming, and deforestation destroy birds and many other species environments. In order to prevent this North Carolina has designated areas for bird habitats. North Carolina also works with landowners to help protect the bird’s homes (Maclean). A good example of this would be Audubon, North Carolina (Putting). Audubon has a project called “Putting Working Lands to Work for Birds and People” to help restore habitats. The National Audubon Society works with private landowners to help them develop cost-effective strategies for making their properties more bird- friendly. Audubon teams up with other federal and state organizations to help support struggling...

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