Overcoming Obstacles As A Group Essay

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Time after time in history, it is observed that in order to overcome obstacles placed on a particular group, no matter how big or small, those people affected must come together unified and in harmony to overcome barriers and inhumane limitations placed on them by others who feel a sense of superiority and obligation to do so. There is strength in numbers. It could be political, racial, gender, or anything in between. If the people affected sympathize with one another and hold a collective protest or boycott, it provides a greater chance to be acknowledged and noticed by the wrongdoers and the bystanders. This causes an immediate action from the "superior" group, whereas if it was just one or two rebels causing a scene, they would be discarded with in a very discrete manner. Diaspora, which is the dispersal of a group of people from their native land, voluntary or involuntary, with their cultural traditions, occurs involuntary in slavery. From the beginning of slavery, to the middle passage, to Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, groups of Africans had been forced to lose their identity, replaced by a new and inferior state, be oppressed and treated like property, and put in unimaginable and horrific situations against their will. This was all done in the name of financial gain. After too long, this never ending cycle of killing and reproducing slaves for their farms, houses, and railroads, was abolished. Progress, which is forward or onward movement toward a destination, was being established. The destination was the land of "true freedom and equality". However, through the ending of slavery, another problem arose. Whites in general failed to respect the freed slaves as equals. Therefore the civil rights movement was initiated for better world order and for the sake of humanity, which is the human race collectively. Martin Luther King Jr. who was the "Most effective leader of the movement" did not cause such a great and positive affect toward the treatment of blacks and former slaves all by himself. He needed the whole community of blacks to come together and take on the challenges collectively, non-violence being the main provision. Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott is a good example of being a part of a mentally connected movement with everyone on the same page. King Jr. was appointed leader of the movement by his community. These groups faced some of the greatest Adversities, which is the difficulties or misfortunes one experiences, ever faced by a group of people regardless of size. Alas, through time and progress, these group of Africans who were forced to be mentally and physically drained, gained physical and mental strength. They showed collectiveness, and resilience, which is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. In this case, difficulties would be an understatement, and would give these people no justice. Martin Luther King and his fellow blacks overcame the colossal adversity of losing their identity...

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