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Renowned president, Franklin Roosevelt, once stated, “There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected.” As generations come and go like the tides, the ocean of differences between them becomes clearer. Older generations differ from the current generation in their use of technology and their integration of educational methods. Older generations did not have the technological advancements and opportunities that are available now, nor did they have access to these technologies for educational purposes. Successful efforts are being made each day to bridge the technological and educational gap.
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As technology advances, older generations fall further behind while younger generations speed further ahead, only increasing the already enormous gap. Not far in the future, older generations could be left behind in the ever-changing flow of technological advancement. Along with technological development, progress is also being made in an educational setting each day.
One thing that varies more with passing years is education. The processes in which educational methods are executed change daily. Prior to the proposition of the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983, education was centralized and focused on one type of student. Though many students didn’t fit into this focus, they were still expected to learn as the other students did, and were often left behind. Since the discovery of the multiple intelligences, the scope of education has widened to allow specific methods of learning, such as spatial, kinesthetic, and linguistic, to benefit each different type of student. Technology also plays a crucial role in education. In past generations, students may have taken their work home and spent hours studying and finishing homework assigned by their teacher. It was required that students rifle through a dozen textbooks to find the piece of information for which they were looking. For many, computers hadn’t yet been unearthed and certainly weren’t available in the home. In contrast, students from current generations aren’t expected to spend hours on schoolwork. Information is easily accessible on the internet and textbooks are rarely even utilized. Technology has allowed an expansion of educational opportunities that weren’t accessible until very recently. These technologies provide students with a simpler, straightforward educational experience. The variances in educational techniques over many generations deepens the trench between them, creating a breakdown in communication that is difficult to surmount. In the future, this lag...

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