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Conquestador Invasion On The Aztec Empire In Mexico And How It Affected Both The Europeans And The Aztecs.

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The voyage of Christopher Columbus marked a milestone in the history of European travels. Columbus just like many of the explorers that followed set out with good intentions to find new land and resources. Open new trade and bringing new technological advancements to foreign countries to better the economy, seemed like a wonderful thing to do for the natives of the western hemisphere. Blinded by god, glory, and gold making peace with the natives and working together with them to better their country was not a solution; the Europeans wanted it all. The Europeans had to be in complete control , the native people had to convert to the ways of the Europeans. Disregarding the main reason for the travels the Europeans selfishly destroyed native colonies so that they could be in control. The efforts of the Europeans to better the economy and discover new land was the downfall of many native colonies but an uprising to the European society.Until 1492 the people in the western and eastern hemisphere had very few encounters. European mariner voyages led to the permanent contact between the people in the eastern and western hemisphere (Bentley 668). The Europeans possessed more powerful weapons and technological advancements which gave them more power over the people in the Americas. Europeans established a new presence throughout the Americas and the Pacific Basin. European settlements brought fourth Spanish conquerors. Mining gold was the first attempt to support the society of the Spanish settlers (Bentley 670). Lack of laborers caused the Spanish settlers to recruit laborers. An institution called ecomienda gave the Spanish settlers the right to force Tainos to work in the mines of fields; in return of guidance of good health, wealth, and conversion to Christianity. Diseases caused the Taino population to drop from six million in 1492 to a few thousand in the 1540s (Bentley 670). Deposits of gold in the Caribbean were slim, Spanish explorers found deposits of silver in Mexico and Peru. Spanish interest shifted from the Caribbean Spanish conquistadors headed past the Caribbean islands to Mexico. Hernan Cortes and a small band of men brought down the Aztec empire in Mexico (Bentley 670).The Aztecs had a very stratified culture because of the numbers of different people within the empire. To the Aztecs, it seemed as if there had been warnings telling them about the danger that was soon to come. A series of omens predicted that something bad was going to happen (Leon-Portilla 12).Reports of ships being seen off the Mexican coast led the Aztec leader Motecuhzoma that it was Quetzalcoatl, the legendary figure who had one day promised to return from across the ocean. Motecuhzoma sent messengers bearing gifts to the Spanish ships, in order to appease the...

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