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Conrad’s Ordinary Life Essay

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Conrad was a suicidal boy who didn’t know what to do with his life. Confused and hopeless someone needed to help, shape his life around and make everything better. Someone with experience, someone to help make him better, someone to help turn his whole life around. His brother died and he witnessed it. When Conrad witnessed a death of a close one his soul and heart were broken for ever and it needs someone to help heal and bandage it up. He also heard about the girl he was in the hospital with committed suicide at the end of the book. He was devastated and he didn't know what to do, so we would go to talk to one person he trusted which was Dr. Berger. Dr. Berger changed his whole life ...view middle of the document...

Conrad stood up for himself and did what he wanted to in his life. His coach was mean to him, he thought it was a “bore”, and he said that there were better swimmers on the team then him. Berger wanted Conrad to know that he was his own person and could make any decision he wanted to because it was his life. Conrad didn’t tell his parents right away because he says his dad always worrying about him; and he didn’t know how his mom would take it. Dr. Berger helped him quit the swim team by raise his confidence level and standing up for himself.
Next, Berger became his friend and helped him get a girlfriend. Conrad told Berger “What I’m saying... I guess I think of you as a friend” (Guest 138). Berger sees him as a friend too. This has made Conrad feel better about his relationship with other people and he feels like he can let more people in. He sees Berger as his friend someone who he can tell his secrets and his concerns to. Berger helped him get his confidence level up and help him get a girlfriend. He wanted to forget what people thought of him and to be himself; go for what he wanted and what will make him a better person. Conrad chooses the girl of his dreams Jeannine Pratt; the girl that doesn’t care about his past and that he tried to commit suicide. Berger became close with Conrad which made him feel comfortable; which made him open up. People need friends in their life to help them through the obstacles they can't get through themselves and that is exactly what Berger is doing with Conrad.
Conrad’s life since his brother died has...

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