Street Dancing Meeting Places And Events

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3.4 Street Dance Kemp
Street Dance Kemp is the most prestigious summer meeting of street dancers in the world which is held in Czech Republic. One week camp with participation of the top dancers and international dance crews from all over the world, dancing legends of hip hop scene from USA, Japan and France but also well-known choreographers. One week full of music, dancing lectures, battles and showcases.
Street Dance Kemp is held since 2003, from this year dancers from all over the world meet every year in Jedovnice near Brno in the camp Olšovec to dance 24/7. SDK is place for all dance and hip hop culture lovers. Each year are organizers trying to lure the best choreographers and dancers who can teach other dancers. SDK is not just summer camp, it is lifestyle, all the participants, lectors and organizers are like one big hip hop family.
Big end of the busy week is SDK world dance battle, ie. duel between the best dancers from all over the world (also from Czech Republic) which is also big show for nondancing audience. SDK is trying to offer more and more dancing styles each year, in 2013 were these styles: vogue, waack, lockin, poppin, new style hustle, dancehall, hip hop, LA style, contemporary, house, bboying, afrohouse, krump, pantsula, capoeira.
In 2013 was 10th anniversary of the camp and the length of the stay was extended to 10 days. The research relates to this year.
3.4.1 Offered services
In one week is taking place up to 300 workshops with different lectors to different dance styles. How many workshops will participant have is up to the type of dancing card. Each workshop is 90 minutes long. Types of dancing cards are then divided to many groups so dancers will have enough space in the workshop.
SDK EUROPE dancing cards contain workshops of all different styles; bboy cards contain only break dance workshops. The card includes the cost of workshops, the cost of a parties, jams and battles.
The “best” card is Diamond card which allows you to participate in any workshop from the schedule of your wish, mainly dancers should go to their own workshops but if they want something more they can visit another workshops if there will be enough space. Diamond card is divided according to the dancing level. Beginner card which contains easier workshops is for new dancers.
People who want only be part of the experience and parties can buy Jam card which contains only 3 workshops but free entry to all of the parties and final battle. If somebody wants to visit just for one or two days he/she can buy Daily card and choose workshops they want to participate.
Special type of the card is Underground card with well-defined program where you cannot attend other workshops outside of the program of your group to which you are enrolled.
All the workshops are held in 4 stages, 3 of them are in SDK Area (camp Olšovec) and one is in the High school hall (30 min by walk from the main area).
Accommodation is provided in...

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