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Cons Of Genetic Engieering Essay

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Genetic engineering includes altering genetic structure of living organisms and food products to provide it with certain traits which may appeal more to one. Other desired characteristics with regards to the Human genome project scientists have had a breakthrough in science. Now scientists are able to create artificial organs for transplants and prevent disease by manipulating genes. According to Grocery manufacturers of America 70% to 75% of processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients from plants. Curing disease and a longer lifespan is now in distance. Also, benefits include using a smaller amount of resources to feed a growing nation. Citizens who do not support ...view middle of the document...

Equally important is the case with Dolly, in 1997 the abnormalities of the first attempt to clone from an adult. This enough should fear people the dangers of cloning. The line is crossed into unethical behavior and the danger is certain of what cloning has the capability to doing.
An unaware consequence of genetically modified organisms is human disease. In “Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Human Disease” by Jeffery Smith of mRachel’s Democracy and Health News the author discusses the work of Kirk Azvedo and his view of genetic engineering. As Smith writes “a golden future” in the text he displays an opinion that Kirk was showed a feeling of excitement. As time progressed he discovered facts of Bt Cotton (genetically engineered cotton) which has toxin protein in every cell. In addition to his discovery he found genetically modified cotton contained extra protein that were not found normally. During the gene insertion process he also found particle bombardment can cause unpredictable mutations in DNA. The discovery led to a connection to diseases such as mad cow disease. The result of Mad Cow disease is proteins can become misfolded. As a result he found genetic engineering can have results such as the production of prions and illness.
Genetic engineering provides and endangerment to food supply and safety. As the era of genetic engineering began many flaws were found. According to “Genetic Engineering may Cause Human Disease“GM crops create unintended protein and alter existing levels of protein. Also, on March 2005, the US government admitted to contaminated corn, which comes to show how low the standard for safety is for GM given that the U.S. is failing to prevent contamination of GM and the regulation of it. (Source “Genetic Engineering may Cause Human Disease“). If contamination were to be found in it would prove uncertainty for the Bio Tech industry and the outcome would be unavoidable cause and effects. Safety is very low for GMO and serves as a danger to food supply, with the events that have happened proves why GMO should not be allowed with the entire conclusion of dangerous events.
Some may say genetic engineering results in disease and safety issues; however there have been no studies to support this claim. The benefits of genetic engineering are countless. For instance, the medical field now has the technology to prevent and cure disease. In the near future the cloning of humans will add remuneration to the daily life of the populace. Cloning also has sentimental value to a family that has had a lost life from whatever reason that may have occurred. No actual data is present to this day to actually support the fact the genetic engineering spreads disease or creates safety problems. Instead the public interprets data and sides it to be considered a...

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