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Onora O'Neill's "Between Consenting Adults" is thought to be an expansion on the Kantian philosophy regarding the treatment of individuals in our lives. The essay stresses the importance of treating those not simply as a means to an end, but as an individual in and an individual of themselves; to do right by treating the person's end with respect. O'Neill uses the idea of individuals in sexual relationships to help illustrate her point.
The essay begins with three common conceptions of these ideals: the personal touch, actual consent, and hypothetical consent. The personal touch describes the value of treating others with a certain tone and matter, and not being indifferent. Actual ...view middle of the document...

Many factors play a significant role in blah: coercion and deception.
Sexual coercion has many forms in rape because of the unspoken nature of sexual communications and social traditions - like on college campuses. "Hook ups" are a part of the social culture on many college campuses including on Gonzaga's campus. "Hooking up" is encouraged at college house parties, and majority of the people at the parties participate in hooking up. Therefore, forms of sexual duplicity are often encouraged and can lead to unwanted sex or other sexual encounters because of the miscommunication of feelings or lack of voice. This leads to an uncertainty of the use of coercion in rape.
Deception is a negative possibility in sexual relationships and encounters. Many forms of deception include seduction and breach of promise, and these reflect the nature of sexual miscommunication. Endearments and gestures of intimacy are standard in intimate in relationships and have a universal meaning to all. However, in much of the college "hook-up" culture, these intimate forms of gestures and endearments do not convey the same meanings nor the mean the same to each individual. This, majority of the time, leads to miscommunication between two individuals and can lead to negative consequences. Many of these sexual misconstrued affections include kissing, skin contact, trust, and embrace. These can be powerful gestures of emotions. However, people that do not put meaning behind these gestures for that individual give false messages about their feelings and desires to the other individual. I think this is why rape is present on college campuses.
In the "hook up" scene these deceptions are a huge part of college culture and the party scenes. If you observe the couple at parties, majority of...

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