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Consequence Of Political, Social, Economic Impacts Of Wwi

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In 1914, the First World War was broken out in Europe. Until Germany was surrendered in November 1918, the First World War came to an end. The First World War was in such a large scale and it affected the world greatly. Politically, four European empires were collapsed, new states were risen, the democratic countries were weaken and the League of Nations were formed. Socially, the state of women was risen up and religious faith was declined. And economically, there were heavy casualties and severe destruction.For the political effects, the four European empires: Hohenzollern, Hapsburg, Romanov and the Ottoman ...view middle of the document...

Their existence encouraged aggression from stronger countries in the future.Apart from the four empires, democratic countries in Europe were also weaken down. Britain, France and Italy were exhausted and began to decline as world powers. The USA became the richest nation instead.Moreover, the League of Nations was set up in Geneva in 1920. It was to help settle international disputes in the future as the world had suffered such a great scale of war.For the social effects, the state of women was risen up and class distinction was reduced because of the WWI. As most of the men were fighting in the war at that time, the women had to take up the men's jobs. They played an active role in supporting the country during absents of men. The men were impressed with the contributions of women in WWI and changed their prejudice against women.Also, there was a decline of religious faith. People lost their faith but believed in physical strength and material power.Finally for the economic effects, there were heavy casualties and severe destruction after the war. More than eight million soldiers were killed and thousands of houses, factories, mines, railways and farms were ruined.As a conclusion, the First World War produced far-reaching political, social and economic effects in Europe. Also, it created the basis for the future unrest such as the Second World War twenty-one years later.

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