Consequences From Past Actions Essay

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The guests were at dinner when Anthony Marston was boasting about how he was for crime, and then he took a sip of his whiskey, choked on it and died. He stated “The legal life’s narrowing! I’m all for crime! Here’s to it” (Christie 74). Mrs. Rogers fainted after Marston’s situation. Later that night, the guests cascaded to their rooms with their minds spinning from the day’s actions. They were unable to fall asleep and were left to drown in their guilty thoughts.
In the rooms, Mr. Wargrave thought of Edward Seton, the man he was accused of murdering. Mr. Rogers was the first one to notice the first china figure missing. General Macarthur was in his guest room hallucinating. He thought he ...view middle of the document...

She was stung by a bee. Justice Wargrave’s death was after hers. After Wargrave’s death, everyone thought that Dr. Armstrong was the murderer because he was heard making an exit in the middle of the night and was nowhere to be found when the remaining guests searched for him all over the island. They believe he disappeared. But when they finally found him, he was floating in the ocean dead.
Once Vera and Lombard found Armstrong, it was just the two of them left. Vera someone got a hold of Lombard’s revolver and shot and killed him. Then she had went on and committed suicide from being overwhelmed with guilt. The conflict of And Then There Were None was both external and internal, man vs man, man vs self, and man vs society. The conflict is resolved once everyone is dead. The story ended with the police discussing the crime scene and then Justice Wargrave’s full confession.
The significance of the mystery novel And Then there Were None is symbolic. It’s giving us the idea of the conflicts in the story. In the story, the nursery rhyme foreshadowed basically the whole major conflict and title as well. The nursery rhyme was self-explanatory. It told how all of the guest would die. “Ten little soldier boys went out to dine; one choked his little self and then there were nine” (Christie 1). It didn’t explain who would die when though.
The tone of the story is suspicious. The mood is suspenseful and mysterious. The tone and mood enhanced the conflicts. That was because of the reasons those conflicts occurred. Those reasons are because the characters were the ones who were dealing with being ashamed and feeling guilty for the crimes they committed in the past. The title...

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