Consequences Of Abusing Drugs. Essay

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Drinking too much alcohol, taking an overdose of aspirin and sniffing glue in excessive amounts are some examples of drug abuse.Drug abuse is using drugs in ways that will harm our body.Illegal drugs such as ganja and heroin produce serious harmful effects on the body even when taken in small amounts.Medicinal drugs can also be harmful if taken in excess.Stimulants, depressants, narcotics, hallucinogens and inhalants are five main types of drugs. Stimulants, depressants and narcotics all have medicinal uses. However they also have great potential for abuse.Stimulant Drugs ("pep" pills):Thse drugs speed up the process of the central nervous system. Some people take these to stay awake for long periods or to maintain a level of excitement.However the brain needs to rest and keeping it active for longer than usual will damage it. Amphethamines (commonly known as "speed") are highly addictive drugs that make their users depend on the drugs soon after their first use. Cocain ("coke") users can be higly depressed and exhausted when the effects of the drug wear off.Depressant drugs:These drugs slow down the activites of the central nervous system. They are taken to help people relax or reduce worry.When depressant drugs enter the body, they affect the workings of the brain, resulting in loss of control and poor judgement.Examples of dperessand drugs include barbiturates and tranquilers. An overdose of barbiturates especially taken with alcohol, can lead to coma and even death.Narcotic drugs:These drugs releive pain and induce sleep by depressing the central nervous system. Opium, produced from the poppy plant, heroin, morphine, and codeine belong to this group of drugsAbuse of these drugs can couse vomiting, nausea and poor mental and physical performance.Hallucinogens:These can change a person's mood or make him her hallcucinate (see things that are not there). The person may see horryfying things and become very scared and disturbed. Some may even injure themselves in their terror. This type of drug is especially dangerous to its users becaouse they have long-term effects on the brain. After usage, the harmful effects of the drug can recur, bringing panic. Examples of hallucinogens include cannabis(ganja,grass, or marijuana ("weed"). and LSD ("acid). Taking in ganja leads to confusion, lack of mental cordination and nervous breakdown.Inhalants:These are drugs which are inhaled or sniffed in the form of vapour. Inhalants which are abused include cleaning solvents,glue, paint thinners, and aerosol sprays. They cause hallucinations and depression to the person who sniffs tem in excessive amounts. Harmful...

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