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Consequences Of Having A Celebrity Role Model For People

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Who do you see mostly in your daily life? The first thing that usually comes to our minds is our families or friends, but in fact we mostly see the faces of celebrities on the screen as many of us watch TV for hours.Because of that,mostly the media benefits from celebrities to reach their goals.Companies try to have an impact on people’s buying process through celebrities. In fact there is an advertisement way which is called celebrity advertising. It literally means using a famous person's image to sell products or services by focusing on the person's popularity to promote the products or services. Why do companies use celebrities? Celebrities have the ability to transfer their personal qualities onto a product.People who saw the advertisements of the product subconsciously believe that buying that product would make them more popular,more handsome or beautiful or more celebrity-like,than they really are. Because the implication is that the famous person uses the product or service that he or she endorses;such as an athlete with big muscles might be contracted to promote a certain brand of a protein powder giving the impression that his big muscles results from using protein powder.However,the person might not even use the product or service he endorses;in which case,he uses his features for the promotion of the product.Therefore, celebrity role models which are used for the companies goals have both positive and negative consequences on the people.

To begin with, the impacts of celebrities are mostly negative. Since we live in a technological era, people follow up their celebrities’ daily life.People who follow celebrities’ through social media can know nearly everything about their daily lifes like a stalker.They like to be a kind of stalkers because it allows them feel closer to their favourite superstars.People,mostly easily impressed teens, imitate celebrities’ appearence and especially their behaviors.According to Gaid and Rached (2010) the initial age for girls to be influenced by the celebrities ranged from 18 to 35.The teenegers try to find out their identity and goals during their puberty.They are usually attracted by famaous personalities.At this point,the lifestyles of the celebrities plays a big role on the appearence,self-confidence and the identity of the teenegers.

The influence of having a celebrity role model is not only on the identity of the people but also on their health.It is known that most of the celebrities are using drugs and other harmful substances.Researches show that 48% of celebrities use drugs.The well known celebrities for instance Marilyn Monroe (1962),Elvis Presley (1977), Michael Jackson(2009), Whitney Houston(2012) are all drug victims.Social media helps celebrities to spread their thoughts about using drugs,their followers awarenessly or not affected by their opinions about drugs.For example Madonna created a stir contoversary with her comment on twitter, “Has anyone seen Molly?” Molly is...

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