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Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Teenage Pregnancy
Although people look down on girls that get pregnant at such a young age and it differs from whenever you are at least in your late twenties, they are similar in many ways. For example how much you will be spending on a baby, to whether or not you will be a single mother. Also there is a lot of different things from teenage girls then girls that are done with college and know what they want to do the rest of their lives. Girls that are capable to take care of a baby. Maybe they aren’t married or anything but you don’t have to be married to have a baby. Before having a baby finish school and know that you are stable enough to take care of another life other than yours. There is lots of things to prepare for before the baby. If sexually abused at a young age girls will start having intercourse before sixteen (Witwer). Early sex is a lot of the time due to stress. If girls are stressed at home they turn to sex. A lot of the time these girls will turn to sex with older men. They will internalize victimization, which will result in depression, anxiety, and self-harm. They may turn to unprotected sex which is a higher chance of becoming pregnant, also they may get into drugs. Girls with this history are more likely to have a partner who is twice their age. They may get into prostitution, like having sex for shelter or drugs or money. They do this kind of stuff to support their kids but in the end they are hurting them and their kids.
The effects of trauma, specifically sexual trauma, on victims’ physical, psychologists, and social well-being was first explored in the early 1970s (Harner). Teenage mothers are at risk of doing drugs, running away, joining a gang, and dropping out of school (De Genna). If sexually abused, younger girls start having intercourse before 16 (Witwer). They think dropping out of school is their only choice but really if you set your mind to it then can achieve anything you want too. Most teenage mothers don’t want to go back to school because of bullying. They don’t feel acceptance whenever they are pregnant or they feel like everyone is talking about them, which is insecurity. Once you become a teenage mother you won’t have that much of a social life. You’ll have friends and family that will care and support you but don’t expect too much from anyone.
Teenage pregnancies that happen between the ages 15-19, 36 of these will end in abortions. New York has the highest abortion rate among women 15-19. Teen birthrates are higher in the U.S than anywhere else. Tens of thousands of people have STDs (Henshaw). Girls that have been mistreated or neglected as a kid is more likely to become pregnant, or get into prostitution (Widom). Getting into this can cause unwanted sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. A teenager’s pregnancy may have been caused by forced sexual intercourse. A pregnancy can be result in trying to get out of the home environment. If you’re in an unsafe environment and are...

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