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Consequences Of Underage Drinking Essay

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Should the Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21 be lowered to the age of 18? After the legal voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 in 1971, 30 US states ended up lowering their MLDA to 18, 19, or 20. When the states started implementing the Minimum Legal Drinking Age, they saved approximately 20,000 lives. They also decreased the number of alcohol-related youth fatalities among drivers by 63 percent since 1982. By 1982, only 14 US states had the MLDA of 21. In 1984, all of the states that have recently lowered their MLDA from 21 have all raised their MLDA back to 21. In 47 of 50 states age 18 is the “age of majority”, but the Minimum Legal Drinking Age is still at the age of 21. The minimum ...view middle of the document...

If the drinking age was lowered, there would be more traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers because there are more people being able to legally drink.
When the Minimum Legal Drinking Age is increased, there is less of a chance for traffic accidents and drinking and driving to occur. “Reports in the 1970s showing that teenage car accidents increased in states where the MLDA had been lowered from 21” (Procon). When the drinking age is lowered, it causes younger, more irresponsible people to be able to drink and drive. Having the MLDA increased will cause less traffic accidents, which will cause fewer deaths each year. When people are drinking under the age of 21, their brains can be damaged, so they will not be able to think correctly and could hurt someone. “They contend that traffic fatalities decreased when the Minimum Legal Drinking Age is increased” (Procon). While the MLDA is increased, that will give younger people less of a chance to drink; this will keep them from drinking and driving. If the drinking age was lowered below the age of 21, then people could have a chance to corrupt their brain, and cause themselves to make bad decisions. The MLDA could be giving younger people more of a thrill to illegally drink and might even encourage them to drink.
If the MLDA was lowered to 18, that would take away the thrill younger people would get from drinking illegally. “Having the drinking age of 21 has not stopped drinking among the 18-20 year old age group, but has rather encouraged them” (DeLesare). People in the age range of 18-20 get this kind of thrill of wanting to drink because it is illegal and it makes it exciting, but if the MLDA was lowered, it would not be illegal and would take away from the excitement of drinking. Even though lowering the drinking age would take away from the 18-20 year old age group, the kids younger than that would get that same thrill. “If I’m old enough to go to war, I should be old enough to drink” (Hanson). People are going to war at the age of eighteen for our country, but they are not allowed to drink. People at the age of 16 can go out and get their driver’s license, and at the age of 12 they can receive a hunting license. People are able to do so much under the age of 21, but they are not allowed to drink, which is ridiculous. The drinking age would make more sense at the age of 18 because of the kind of thrill people can get from drinking underage.
If the...

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