Consequentialism And Deontology: Terrorism Brilliant Club (University Scholars Program) Homework Assignment

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Terrorism is an act of violence used to achieve a goal. This goal may be something political, such as a new government or equality between people, something religious or even a monetary goal. It can be used as a stunt for the terrorist group, or singular person, to gain views and publicity. Terrorist actions are different to murder, arson, the destruction of property and similar crimes as the damage caused by it can potentially reach more than the targeted victims (the bombing of a government building can affect civilians as well as the politicians).
It is hard to define fully and many different people with contrasting opinions have various definitions for it. The reason for this is because people, mainly politicians and authors, believe that if we define terrorism, come up with a dictionary definition for it, it could make liberation groups or “freedom fighters” legitimate. Enforcing “one man’s freedom fighter is another man's terrorist”. In different countries, governments view different organisations and groups as terrorists, whereas in another county, they may view them, quite simply, as only a liberation group.
Consequentialists and deontologists may have contrasting opinions on the issue of...

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