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Environmental problems mainly generated in the economic activity, therefore it should be resolved together with the economic activity. In both developed and developing countries, there is always an argument, stated that whether the economic development come first or the environmental conservation come first? The former follows the “develop first, conservation later” model while the latter follows the “conservation while development” model. For developing countries which also known as Third World countries, which model should be follow to achieve a win-win situation which benefits both human beings and environment. (“学术前沿 - 肖显静:是发展经济还是保护环境:发展中国家的艰难选择(09.3.1),” n.d.)
However, some powerful insights opposed that Third World countries should take the model of “develop first, conservation later”. They believe that for developing countries, the best way is find a way in which both development and conservation are benefits to each other by converting the resources gained from environment and turn the resources into profits which help in economic growth, later by using this profits and use it as a fees for the conversation of environment to compensate the loss of environment for the profits gained. This method combine both environmental protection and economic development and forming a mutually benefits between the two.
Third World countries are able to protect the environment although they have a lower income levels compared to those First and Second World countries. Due to various reasons, the economic development is different among developing countries. Therefore, developing countries don’t have to follow the path of developed countries which develop the economy first and then just conserve the environment. Environmental conservation not only depends on economic growth, but also relate with the income level of residents, the level of technological development, education, advocacy and also citizen awareness
Today, we have already wasted and destroyed a large amounts of natural resources including both animals and plant species. We must take some steps to prevent the condition of earth become worsen. We have responsible to conserve this planet for our next generation. (“Economic Development vs the Environment,” n.d.) In many cases, poverty and environmental issues are close related. Destruction of forest which also known as deforestation caused the natives people lost their home and they have nowhere to go. Deforestation cause the rise of carbon...

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