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Conservation Essay

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Due to activities of human beings, many plants and animals species become endangered or some of them are already disappearing in the Third World countries. Their habitats are being destroyed by human beings and this cause the wildlife to loss their shelter, foods, water and other life-supporting matters. Nowadays, the rate of harvesting of many species regardless plants or animals is fastest than ever and some cases actually are harvest at an unsustainable rate. In some cases, although human does not harvest the species or their habitats are not threaten, human is competing intensively with those species for certain resources such as food and water which are important to the species. (Selman, 1985) However, destruction of habitat is a serious threat to the Mother Nature. This is occurring in the developing countries as forests and trees are being removed which also known as deforestation, as wetlands are drained out, as the urban and rural areas expand and as the land areas are transformed to meet the food and housing demands of human. Deforestation cause the loss of forests and tree cover in which human activities are carry out such as logging which use for sales of exported commercial timber which is common in rainforests, cutting of trees for fuel, land clearing for housing area or agricultural purposes and also overgrazing by domesticated animals which limit the regeneration of tress. (Brown and Zarin, 2013) Among all of these activities, land is being more extensively used for agriculture purposes to fulfill the food demands of human population which increasing from day to day. Permanent settlement is becoming more common in the nomadic areas while for the shifting agriculture, cycles of use are increasing so that the time for natural regeneration of that areas is lesser to occur between shifts. Agriculture is also encroaching increasingly onto arid and semi-arid lands and marginal agricultural ones. Some environmental changes such as erosion, hydrological disturbances, siltation and desertification are cause by the changing of land usage. (“global 2000 report to the President entering the twenty-first century : a report,” n.d.) All those environmental consequences are inter-related with some socio-economic factors such as increasing of human populations, expansion of market system, availability of new technology, constraints on conservation enforcement and the political and power structures within the Third World countries. Many of these factors have been discussed however it is necessary to look thoroughly at each factors for their significance in conservation of environment.
Growth of human population and rising of income aspiration of consumption of goods are one of the factors that cause the destruction of the surrounding environment. Although in most of the least developed countries the incomes per capita are not increasing significantly, their rate of population growth is rising which in turn causing the increase of levels of...

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