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Le Kim ChiSummary of "The Politics of Modernity"At the end of the 18th century marked by the period of modernity, there was a new type of society emerged - the civil society in which represented a society free from the constraint of the old regime, an individualistic and liberal society that promised its members progress, freedom and happiness in this world rather than the next. The emergence of this can be seen as a new agenda of the politics which included the ideas that prove the improvement, progress and transformation of the society based on the achievement of emancipation and enlightenment. However, comprised in those theories and ideas are different form of socialism as well as conservatives and nationalists. As a result, two critical in the politics of modernity emerged as in internal and external. While the former shared the assumption of a progress and emancipation, it would be contemporary to change the structure of society then with the external, more view about the Enlightenment project has been shown which the philosophical discourse of modernity Habermas called. All of these critical has proved that the modernist programme was lack of deficiency therefore the aim of modernity is to bring the whole social and politics transformation plus the controversy for and against this attempt in the skeptical of political and social thought. Besides that, in Habermas books, he point out that Hegel can be the first philosopher to develop a clear concept of modernity because to Hegel, he thinks that the vital ideas of modernity was the new age, thus, two main features emphasizes this new age were being highlighted by him and the subsequent result caused to the society was that the orderly have been divided and mostly, the individuals become the main factor of not being able to unified the society so the principle at that time was to overcome this problem - the divisive tendencies of civil society.First, to profoundly understand the political ideologies in modernity, we have to look back to the starting point, the origins of modernity. In the economic realms, modernity was marked by the emergence of a new mode of production whereby globalization, commodities in the market are actually expanded in the world trade. Meanwhile, although new form of the society is increasingly depend on industrial production and world distribution but still there are events which could be easily exposed and effected such as the economic crises and the danger of over-production, hence, the standard that modernity wanted is refers to the expansion of productive process and the application of science to production. But beside that, the consequences is that the economic transformation had social and political affect. So, a possible solution to the problems could be nationalism, because it provides and maintains a common culture, integrated by a common language, which all of these are necessary to provide a sense of community needed for an industrially productive society....

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