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As the American people are at war, their supporters cheer them on back home, working hard making war materials and doing everything they can to help out. Everything is fine the economy, everybody has jobs, everybody gets paid, and nobody has any complaints about this. As the war came to an end, all the troops head back home and now are in dire need of a job. Since the war has ended, some jobs are not needed anymore such as the building of tanks or firearms. Now with people off work and soldiers who also need work, there where thousands of people in need of money. This is when the post-war era of the 1920's begin. Many events occurred in the 1920's that show how liberal it was and how much it was needed, but I see the 1920's as a conservative note. After the war was over, many people began to show their nativism to the country. One group showed it in numbers, this was the "Ku Klux Klan" (KKK). The KKK was mainly made up of white males who were native-born, and would wear white hood and robe. The KKK seemed to be more of keeping the old way of life and how things used to be and are against any change in the way people live. They had efforts in trying to keep black people "in their place" and to drive Catholics, Jews, and other "foreigners" from the land. Clan members were not of famous people or anything of the sort, but in the quote of Grand Wizard Hiram Evans, Klan member, "plain people... the everyday, not highly cultured, not overly intellectualized, but entirely unspoiled and not de-Americanized, average citizens of the old stock." The Klan was into keeping everything the same, fearing that some job opportunities would be taken by immigrants, and that immigrants would overthrow the American way of life. Therefore they expressed their frustrations through racial violence. That is a show of how far people will go to keep their country the way it was. Other than the KKK serving a conservative role in society, there is also that of prohibition. Many people were in for holding traditional values and keeping things the same. These people were represented by fundamentalists who were against any change what so ever. The fundamentalists had one in previous trials such as the Scopes trial, where John T. Scopes was for teaching the idea of Darwinism in the classroom. But the fundamentalists didn't believe that humans evolved from a lower life form and thought the way the bible says the god made the world in six days was the correct thing. They also didn't want this idea in the minds of their children. Fundamentalists also won another victory with the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment to ban alcohol. The banishment of alcohol was an attempt to keep things the way they used to be. So that there would be no drunks going out and ruining the city, and that flappers would stay in their homes where they would live civilized lives. When the war ended, many people were...

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