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In the three surveys, I was scored as a conservative or republican in each one. In the survey on, I had other views that took place in other parties, but overall I had the highest percentage of republican views. I scored 91% republican views, 55% libertarian views, 30% democratic views, 19% green views, and 12% socialist views. I agree with all of these numbers except the number for the democratic views. When answering questions on some social views such as abortion or gay marriage, I answered a little indifferent because in all honesty they are not my biggest questions or dilemmas in my own country. I believe we need to step forward with the healthcare debate or national debt ...view middle of the document...

As a nation we cannot act the problem does not exist. It needs to be fixed, but I don’t know how. What I mean by keeping the US the US I mean we have to bring American companies back to US soil giving jobs to Americans. I have to problem with immigrants coming to the US, but knowing our English language should be a requirement. When I look and American products, I don’t want to read another language on the label. There is obvious talk about military budget cuts, but I am against these proposals. In the world we live in there will always be a need for a super strong military. Personally I don’t want cuts because I want to pursue a future in one of the armed forces and I do not want my opportunities limited because of spending cut backs.
Both my mother and my grandfather scored similar to me. On my mom scored 90% republican views and my grandfather scored 85% republican. I was a bit surprised with my grandfather’s results especially with his views on the executive position currently. Neither of them answered the additional questions so that could add to skewed results. Overall, by just watching how they answered, I believe a lot of my own views come from my relatives. Most of my family is republican except for my aunt and uncle who live in California. I might not have always cared about what they said politically, but I believe always hearing their views made unknown views in myself that are starting to show. I never really thought about my affiliation compared to...

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