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Conservatives: Why They Are Reasonable Essay

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A Conservative viewpoint has a more traditional and understandable form of governmental view than liberal or libertarian. The libertarian form of government is a very extreme stance. They believe that by legalizing everything from prostitution to cocaine, the crime rate will drop and plus, that it is our natural right to have the freedom of chooses what we want even if it is selling your body or using highly addictive drugs. Liberals believe that the federal government should be very large and powerful so it will protect their citizens, but which on the other hand can destroy smaller cities and crush some individual's rights.Conservatives feel the government should regulate individual behavior by promoting individual freedom as an ideal, but they think that Americans have gone too far and have abandoned many traditional, churched based moral principals. Instead of promoting birth control to teens, conservatives advise abstinence as a way to stop teen sex. According to Jacqueline Kasun (1994) teens should be taught abstinence, not sex education. They want less governmental focus on regulating the economy. They also believe that a free-market economy will do more for the general welfare of society, than will the governmental regulation on the economy. Complex regulations and laws stifle free-market enterprises and businesses. On the issue of governmental size, conservatives believe the Federal government has grown too large and has too much control and that more power should be regulated to local governments. Senator Brownback says, "Our founding fathers designed the federal government to be limited. But in the name of compassion, the federal government now tries to do all things for all people" (1994, p.235).For liberals, they believe that the size of the federal government should be very large and powerful enough to protect its citizens. They believe anything from health care to welfare will help protect and have a better quality of life for the citizens. E.J. Dionne Jr. (1996) states, "It took a strong federal government to end segregation in the 1960's vindicate the right of African-Americans to vote." A liberal would also believe that individual behavior should not be regulated. They believe that going to a traditional, churched based morality it unrealistic. They believe it doesn't act upon separation of church and state. Liberals also believe that they should intervene in economic affairs to protect us from being taken advantage of by large corporations. Dionne says, "The current vogue for the superiority of markets over governments carries the risk of obscuring the basic issue of what should be sale in the first place" (1996).When the federal government has too much power, how can it possibly ensure the well-being of its citizens when they do not know the needs of smaller cities without living there? If more power was transferred to the local governments, it will provide people with what that city needs. Kansas Senator Sam Brownback has...

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