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Conserving Natural Resources Through Hunting Essay

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“Hunting is not part of conservation, it is conservation” says Dr. Jon Hutton, Executive Director of UNEP-WCMC. (25 Reasons Hunting is Conservation) This quotation states that hunting is one of the most beneficial things to improve a population. Conserving natural resources by eliminating a percentage of an overpopulated species helps the natural balance in the environment. If the wolf population goes down, the deer population goes up. If the deer eat all the grass, rabbits and other such herbivorous animals will diminish and kill off all of the predatory creatures that eat the rabbits. Without hunting, balance will never be maintained and the environment will never really be stable and ...view middle of the document...

(25 Reasons Why Hunting is Conservation) Without hunting the death rate and the amount of money needed to spend may be doubled or possibly tripled, and, for every one deer a motorist hits, hunters in America will slim the population down to a healthy number by taking six deer.
We also need to know what the consequences would be if we didn’t hunt at all. One way this would not be good in an economic point of view. This nation would then not receive the 1.6 billion dollars that we would normally get every season for tags and permits. Hunters would not be able to fund all the conservation programs that are currently funded by hunters as well.
The other aspect is the environmental. Deer populations would be at an all time high causing increase in motorist accidents, increase in the number of predators, a decrease in food, and a highly concentrated population depending on the amount of living area that the deer have in their present location. This would not just be for deer though. This could happen to all animals that have a healthy population. If one population is at an extreme high in an area then there is a population at an extreme low in that same area. For example, bears. Bear’s diets consist of berries, plants, and meat. Therefore, if the population was at a very high level the berries, plants, and deer or elk in the area would be at very low level due to the demand that the bears have for food. Once all of the the deer, elk, berries, and plants start to degenerate the bears will have to fight for living area and food eventually killing off a majority the bears allowing the deer and the elk to rise to an unhealthy level due to the lack of natural predators that they would otherwise have. The balance of the ecosystem would be unstable and constantly fluctuating if hunting did not happen.
Anti-hunters state that the ecosystem has balanced itself out over the millions of years before people have come into this world and they always ask why we have to slim the population by hunting today if the animals have done it since the dinosaurs. There is one simple answer and that is human population growth. As the population starts to increase people need more room to live. As they build homes and deforestation starts to occur the animals have nowhere to go. They become so highly concentrated in areas that if we didn’t hunt that species of animal will actually die out in that area. This concept is quite odd, considering the fact that if we don’t kill animals they will all die.
The hunting controversy is always changing. The controversy is really only a disagreement whether hunting is ethical and if it should be allowed. Animal rights activists say that it is cruel, unethical, and unusual. They say that this should not be allowed for meat is provided at any local grocery store. Hunters are protesting saying that this is a free country and it is not unethical.
As the battle continues the side that’s winning is always changing. One...

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