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Consider How "Still I Rise" And "Warning" Explore Ideas Of Freedom Or The Lack Of It.

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"Still I Rise" is set during the apartheid, which was a period in history when the black people from America were segregated from the white people. This led to the lack of freedom, which is shown through the poem. "Warning" is about a young woman thinking about how her life will be in the future, and how she will have no freedom and follow the original stereotypes for old people.The title shows a great deal about the lack of freedom that the author has experienced; "Still I Rise". The first impression the reader gets from the title is that the author has been oppressed, and has had a lack of freedom. We can see that from the word "Still" it implies that the narrator has suffered oppression a number of times, however, continues to rise above it.In comparison, the poem "Warning" does not imply anything to the reader about what the poem is about. However, as the title is ambiguous, it makes the reader want to read the poem to find out what it is about.The language used shows that there is a lack of freedom throughout the poem; "I'll Rise". The repetition of the words "I Rise" at the end of three stanzas highlights that the narrator rises above the oppression she has faced in her life. We can also see that wherever Angelou uses the phrase; "I Rise", it is preceded by; "But still, like dust, I'll Rise". Throughout the stanza, the narrator talks of the oppression she has faced and then shows at the end that she will not be affected by any of it. The simile highlights that she will rise uncontrollably, in the same manner as dust rises. The actual language used in the poem is quite simple, with some complex words being used. The simple language works effectively as the stereotypes that are given to a black person, are generally that they are poor. Furthermore, colloquial language has been used; "Diggin'", which helps to highlight this. Rhetorical questions have been used throughout; "Does my sassiness upset you?". The rhetorical questions have been used to make the reader question their own prejudices which makes the reader feel bad.The language used in Warning also shows that there will be a lack of freedom in the woman's life; "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple". Immediately, from the very first line of the poem, we can see that the woman believes, that when she gets old, she will conform to...

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