Considerations For The Federal Sentencing Guidelines

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The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are standards that specify a stable sentencing strategy for persons and associations charged with felonies and severe misdemeanors in the United States federal courts system. The states courts handle the sentencing for their criminals, but if the crime is too serious, the case is brought to the Federal Courts. Usually, the federal courts give a tougher sentence to a criminal defendant than the states court. Most federal judges follow the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, but the state judges tend to use their own techniques to give a sentence. But there is no telling if the Federal Sentencing Guidelines can accurately sentence defendants because every criminal is different. It is not true that the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are perfect in respect to the criminal his or herself. The guidelines should not just judge defendants solely on their crime and their criminal record. Focusing cooperatively on the offender, not just the crime will immensely help the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to precisely sentence criminals. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines ought to consider the defendants’ character as much as they reflect on the uniqueness of the offense and the history of the defendant.
The character of the defendant can reveal many things when considering the offense. If an offender seems guilty and regretful, that can say a lot about how he or she feels about the crime. On the other hand, the defendant may seem unsympathetic, apathetic, or indifferent. This could signify that they did not fully understand the severity of their offense, therefore suggesting they be put into a special rehabilitation center. Some defendants can be proud of themselves for committing the crime, not regretful in the slightest of the decisions they made to be placed in federal court. They obviously belong in a place like prison. Character witnesses also help greatly in determining the sentence for criminals. In the state of Wisconsin, they most important thing to them is the character of the defendant. The fact that the defendant is truly remorseful about the mistakes they made is the first step to rehabilitation for their crimes. The point of imprisonment is to make absolutely sure that, when released; the criminal will not repeat his or her mistakes. Now, in the best cases, the defendant will be repentant and regret what past mistakes they have done; but in some cases he or she will be the exact opposite of regretful. Most of the time, when a defendant is remorseful, it most likely means that they will not repeat their offenses when they are let out of prison. So, if an offender is blatantly unregretful, the chances of them repeating their crimes are significantly higher. A study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that among the 300,000 prisoners released in fifteen states in 1994, approximately two thirds were rearrested within three years after their release. In 1991 in Pennsylvania, the state government implemented a boot...

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