Considering Fuels Alternative To Fossil Fuels

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In the world, there are alternative fuels being developed to replace the use of gasoline and oil dependence. Besides replacing gasoline and oil dependence these alternative fuels are here to prevent pollution from occurring, to stop pollutants from getting into the atmosphere and affecting the environment. “Alternative fuels have existed for a long time now back to the 1900 when the first electric car was introduced, gas powered cars were harder to produce and start at the time” (History of Alternative Fuels). That is why people look for an alternative fuel to make a car operate better. At that time what led to alternative fuels was a better way to make vehicles work better, but what truly led to the development of alternative fuels was to prevent global warming from happening. They are needed to produce less emissions and improve the world`s climate. If in the world the use of conventional fuels keeps growing eventually it could lead to global warming and hurt the planet and harm lives because those gases that conventional fuels release are not good to inhale. The question that is being asked by everyone is if alternative fuels serve their purpose and are they worth it. Some people might see alternative fuels important and some do not care, but they should because they serve their purpose in improving climate and producing fewer emission levels. Alternative fuels are important to produce less emissions and avoid climate change because if not the results of using conventional fuels could lead the world to global warming.
When looking for these alternative fuels there are different options to pick from, but all serving the same purpose to replace conventional fuels and reduce dependence on oil. There are alternative fuels being developed and some that are being mass produced. Biodiesel is a replacement of diesel fuel that is made from sources, from renewable sources to be exact. This liquid fuel is mixed with conventional petroleum diesel fuel, used most commonly in diesel engines. Biodiesel is a good alternative fuel that exhibits excellent fuel properties for diesel engines. Biodiesel as it says above is the replacement of diesel, but the main reason for this replacement is that it provides excellent properties for diesel engines and it is safer for the environment than diesel, even if it produces emissions they are certainly less than in diesel. Another common alternative fuel that is being use is Hydrogen(“Alternative Fuel”).
Hydrogen gas is the lightest fuel, it exists in a gaseous state at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperatures. Depending on production source hydrogen gas contains low levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Hydrogen is used in the world in combustion engines and fuel cell electric vehicles(“Alternative Fuel”).
Natural Gas is another alternative fuel made from a mixture of hydrocarbons mainly from methane. Natural Gas is produced from either gas wells or in conjunction with crude oil production. The interest...

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