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Considering Your Lifetime Goals, Discuss How Your Current And Future Academic And Extra Curricular Activities Might Help You Achieve Your Goals.

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As I reflect on my extracurricular and academic activities, I see the essence of my future. I want to attend a great university (like the University of Texas); I want to work hard to become a nurse—a person who has devoted his or herself to caring for the well-being of others.

Presently, my extracurricular and academic interests are combined in my two year Health Science class. The class provides real-life medical situations that I may come in contact with in the future. Like any health science class, we study the body, in both its’ functional and dysfunctional state. This survey class also includes an introduction to equipment, medical protocol, and ethical issues. A sense of teamwork guides our procedures. Next semester, I will study at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Ramstein High School’s Career Practicum program. After initial on-the-job application of classroom learning, we will work with patients, supervised by the hospital staff. Living so close to a hospital that services thousands of seriously injured patients every year provides opportunities that other students lack, even in their college programs.

Nursing is a little like a stage production. Success is determined by everyone working together. If someone does not record accurate information on a chart, serious consequences could occur. The team of professionals is only as strong as its weakest link. Just as I go on stage relying on others to know their lines as well as I do, as a nurse I will go into emergency situations relying on others to know their jobs; lives depend on it. I have enjoyed my experiences on the stage and sincerely feel that this experience helps me develop skills that will assist me in my nursing career.

Not only do I have a passion for the nursing field, but I can relate to it as I would a track meet. In order for me to reach to finish line to nursing, “warming up” is a requirement for me to learn and perform as expected. After much practice and preparation, it becomes time to get the job done. At this point in time, when I am in my starting blocks I remember to use what I have learned and apply it to my race. From there, I explode and give it all that I have for. When the race is over, no matter what place I get, there is a time to reflect on my mistakes and successes. Everyone is not going to win all the time in the nursing field. With that, participation in an individual athletic activity like track teaches me that failure is possible and when it does occur, it is a learning experience. I must have that internal conversation that motivates me to keep...

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