Considering Your Lifetime Goals, Discuss How Your Current And Future Academic And Extra Curricular Activities Might Help You Achieve Your Goals.

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Ever since I was a little girl, music has always been incorporated into my life one way or another. When I was younger, the sounds of my mother playing a complex Chopin melody on the piano always filled our home with such a warm vibrancy, and I can also recall in vivid detail my five-year-old self twirling inelegantly with my mother in the kitchen to the fixed rhythm of a Selena track as we made dinner. Being exposed to these moments in my life is what prompted me to join orchestra in the sixth grade and start the road to becoming the endowed violist that I am today. However, music was not the only thing that interested me, for I knew that helping people was something that I wanted to do permanently. What better way to help people than to become a doctor? In the second grade, I wrote an essay declaring that I would undeniably be the first doctor to find a cure for my cousin’s Autism. Even my younger self knew that what I truly wanted to do was help others. Although my choice of field has varied from anesthesiology to neurology, after being diagnosed with Addison’s disease, I now know that endocrinology is where I am most passionate at. The road to medical school, however, will be a long one that will require vigorous regimen and discipline along with undivided dedication. In order to achieve my dream of becoming an endocrinologist, I cannot allow myself to lose focus or slack off during these next four years. Thankfully, extra-curricular activities such as orchestra and academic activities such as dual enrollment and advanced placement (AP) classes, have prepared me with strong principals and habits that will allow me to succeed in achieving my goals.
Playing in various philharmonic ensembles has taught me that although everyone is an independent soloist, performing in such a large group requires additional concentration since there are countless instruments that need to be synchronized together perfectly. It is important for me to concentrate and listen to the other players around me so that I can suitably match my pitch to theirs. In addition to concentration, observations are necessary to avoid making mistakes during performances. Musicians, myself included, often look up from the sheet...

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Considering Your Lifetime Goals, Discuss How Your Current And Future Academic And Extra Curricular Activities Might Help You Achieve Your Goals.

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