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Console Wars: Ps4 Vs. Xbox One

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Ever since there have been video games to play there have been huge debates over which video game console was actually the best console of them all. Each new generation of consoles are better than the last. The PlayStation4, commonly referred to as the “PS4”, is the best gaming console to date, and provides its users with the best online gaming experience than the Xbox One based on its hardware, online services, and its accessories.
Today's video games are becoming more and more realistic, and that means that the basic hardware of the console is being better developed to incorporate the changes gamers want so much. The PS4 has a one of a kind CPU, central processing unit, aptly named the ...view middle of the document...

The PS4 displays its video games in full 1080p resolution. The Xbox One only displays its video games in a mere 720p resolution. As far as online gaming goes, the difference in the resolution can be the difference of a player hitting or missing its target because of the games brightness, sharpness, and how clearly they view the game.
The new generation of gaming consoles of today have what are known as online services. The online subscription services of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Gold are just one of the online services offered by each console. The PS4 has the PlayStation Network as its online subscription servies which is only $49.99 yearly, and gamers have access to free games and other content only for the PS4. The Xbox One, however, uses its online subscription service called Xbox Live Gold which is $59.99 a year and its subscribers have no access to free games or any other type of content. Something that has just recently been developed and successfully used is the gaming DVR. The gaming DVR records online game play just how a television records a show on its DVR. The PS4 allows you free access to a player's saved online game play. The Xbox One only offers the gaming DVR only with paid access through Xbox Live Gold. Gamers should not have to pay to view their own saved game play. Another major advancement with online game playing is how many friends you can have on your account. The PS4 gives its gamers the...

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