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Consolidated Transition Plan Essay

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M. I. Plan 3754 Consolidated Transition PlanI. OverviewThis document is the M. I. Plan 3754 Transition Plan for acquisition of McGruder, Floyd, Childers, Mangum, Bryant Group, LLC. The intent of this plan is to provide a work environment free of obstacles to morale, communication, and productivity. Management will present clear expectations, set challenging goals, and assist employees in performing at their highest level. The vision is a more responsive, customer-focused service, one that emphasizes high quality service and accountability for results. It contains a high level plan for transforming the existing organization by consolidating the duties and functions of the two existing organizations into a single enterprise comprised of four new task departments.It describes the integration of these organizations, and describes a process for moving beyond initial departmental consolidations toward a fully-integrated, more responsive enterprise. It also describes the elements of a consistent organizational and management structure to be put in place across the entire enterprise and contains plans for leadership, organizational configuration, motivation processes, and communications throughout the transformation. Finally, it describes a risk management approach that ensures the continuing delivery of services during the transition.The new leadership team understands the high expectations to improve the overall quality, timeliness, and efficiency of services delivered to clients. This expectation goes hand in hand with the expectations of the Board of Directors and the stockholders for significant, hard dollar cost savings, and improved overall financial performance in the current fiscal year (2004-2005) as a result of this transformation. While there is a clear commitment to a careful and deliberate implementation of M.I. 3754, it is also clear that a sense of urgency is required.Leadership intends that the Transition Plan be flexible and allow for changes since full transformation will take place over three to five years. As the plan is implemented, feedback from performance measures and from stakeholders will be incorporated in the plan to improve the transformation. It is anticipated that these modifications to the Transition Plan will be developed by Transition Oversight Committee (TOC), reviewed by the Employee Representative Counsel, and submitted to the Board of Directors as appropriate.M. I. 3754 mandates the 11 existing departments be consolidated under four new departments based on the leadership style necessary to manage their respective functions and the leadership duties transferred into these new departments led by a single director for each department (Smith, 1994, p.22) (Frew, 1973, p.11). The four components of the consolidated enterprise will be constructed as follows:Ordered Task Department (OTD) consolidates production, financial services, and logistics under the Director of OTD. The Director of OTD will be responsible for use of...

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