Conspiracy And Friendship Illustrated In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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The tragedy Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a story filled with conspiracy and friendship. In fact friendship is the very thing that the conspirators used to blind Caesar to the fact they are trying to kill him. Caesar’s trust in these people would become his downfall.
Antony is probably Caesar’s true friend. Anthony stood by him in war. Anthony was truly angered at the death of Caesar he is the one that took Caesar’s body to people. He helped enrage the people against the conspirators. He said in act 3 scene 2 line 108” My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar” which means he lost a piece of himself when his friend died. This line really shows what true friendship is. When you love someone truly and you are a true friend to that person ,when they are gone it is like a piece of yourself is gone forever and can never be replaced. A piece of the puzzle that makes up what is you is gone and can never be put back. Antony tells the truth to the people about Caesar’s death he tells the people what they should know. Antony makes sure they know the exact people who killed his friend. Antony and Caesar’s friendship is the real deal. Antony loved Caesar and was truly a friend to Caesar in life and in Caesar’s death.
Another friendship in this play is the friendship is that of Caesar and Brutus. Brutus used Caesar’s trusting nature to kill him. Brutus wanted to gain political power from the death of Caesar. Brutus knew that if he didn’t do something about Caesar he would not have any power in government. Brutus even says in one part of the play that he didn’t love Caesar less but he loved Rome more. . This statement seems to be a justification for killing his so called friend. ...

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