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Constant Learning Has Lots Of Benefits

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Unlimited knowledge

Portland is a beautiful town from the moment I have been living here. I came to America in 2007 in the middle of winter. Weather was cold as usual for a winter period. Rain and snow were regular and reminded me of the weather in my home country. My aunt, with whom I lived when I first came here, told me how this town will be beautiful in the spring. “Why?” I asked her. “Many trees, bushes and flowers are growing here. In Ukraine you lived in the town where there were many parks, but now you live in the town which is built in one huge park. This area doesn’t have drought because of a lot of rain. It is the main reason why our city is evergreen. Rain is the liquid that ...view middle of the document...

It was amazing time for me. College changed my life completely. I found many friends with whom I studied during four years. We were like one student’s family: we studied, had sport competitions, practical training, and even had outdoor a job for helping some farms. I was not bored in college because my knowledge about life and my future job were very much broaden. I received a lot of knowledge which was helpful for me until now.
Working with children in a Ukrainian preschool was the second period of my life. All that I have studied, I gave the children I taught. They were funny especially when they asked questions. I, like an educated person, had to give them correct information to the questions they asked. I remember how one 4-year-old boy asked me why the sun is orange. It is the question from astronomy and I had to explain to him about the planet adapted to his age. Children’s questions were not easy for me sometimes because its demanded the high ability to explain so they understood. My knowledge and ability to communicate with children widened and I was sure I am ready to be a mom.
I have five beautiful children. When my children were growing up, I was like a kindergarten teacher and mom for them at the same time. I read a lot of books with them and thought them to read. My children went to school with excellent ability to read and memorize poems. For example, my oldest son Vitaliy can memorize the poem for very short period of time and retell it without mistakes. Tree of my children were “A” students in the elementary school and liked to study. I had knowledge and experience on how to communicate with them like with the children and students.
In 2007 my family and I came to America. An exactly new life begun for me. New language, new culture and new people surrounded me. I decided to continue my career to work with children. In the beginning I decided to be a volunteer in an elementary school. It gave me opportunity to familiarize myself with children’s education in America and study English. My impression was tremendous. American education is completely different from Ukrainian. The methods of teaching are very diverse. Every student can have individual lessons and students in the class can have the different level of knowledge. For example, my middle son, Danik, in the elementary school had challange classes because he had a very high learning score and attended lessons for the talented children. His achievements encouraged me to go to college, learn English, and adapt to this country as fast as I can. I thought that I am wise enough, have a lot of knowledge in general, and I need to just...

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