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Construct A Coil Pot Essay

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Some people make pottery for a living. They will make bowls, dishes, home décor and many other ceramic Items. Other people make pottery for the fun of it. Creating a shape, making a mess and just simply doing it for a stress reliever. Some may think it is easy, but there is a lot more to it then meets the eye. Pottery can come as a challenge to most, to some people it may flow naturally. Pottery takes skill, patience and also involves many steps. Which is why it is so enjoyable. This manual will guide you to build a clay vessel out of clay coils.

Materials and Tools Needed:

In Order to successfully complete a coiled hand made vessel you will need the following items to demonstrate this project. The majority is needed, the paintbrush is recommended.
• Sketch book
• Pencil
• Card board
• Box cutter razor blade
• Ruler
• 3lbs. of Stoneware Cone 6 clay
• Flat steel smoothing tool
• 1 Cup of water
• Gladware Container
• Kiln or Oven
• Rolling pin
• Needle tool
• Mathematical Compass
• Soft stone
• Vegetable oil
• Blender
• Paintbrush *
• Toilet paper
• Tin can


There are approximately 3 steps in making a coil vessel. There are 16 steps in total.

• Preparatory process
• Making the vessel process
• Finishing the vessel


Preparatory Process

In the prepping process you will begin to draw out vessel shapes on paper (up to ten). You will then choose a shape and draw the chosen one on cardboard. Then you will simply cut the shape out.

Making the Vessel Process

In making the vessel process you will roll out clay. You will cut the bottom shape (depending on vase shape). You will then roll clay to form coils. Then proceed to layer the coils in shape of the vase you chose. Put slurry into crevices of coils and smooth it out. Then lastly burnish the vessel with a stone.

Finishing the Vessel

Leave the vessel out until dried. Rub vegetable oil on surface and burnish with stone. Wrap the vase with toilet paper. Put in tin can, and then fire the vase in the kiln.

Important Note: The figures shown below are to be used for visual purposes in the following process.

Preparatory Process

Figures 1 Figure 2

1. With your sketchbook and pencil you will draw an outline of a vase shape you are interested in. the bottom of the vase shape must be flat and the drawing must contain one whole line that connects in order for it to be considered a shape. You can draw as many as you can imagine.

2. You will then choose one shape. Once you have chosen the shape you will measure 8 inches in height, with your ruler on your cardboard. Then for the width you will measure out a radius of 2.5 inches, which equals a diameter of 5 inches. You will then use your box cutter razor blade to cut the board 8 inches by 5 inches of a square out. As shown in figures 1 & 2.

3. On the radius of your square...

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