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Construct And Support And Argument Paper

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In today's business world, everyone's style of communication is different and unique thus making it important in our day to day work lives. The most personal element in effective business communication can be considered a very important building block for one to comprehend and in order to attain that height of exposure, an individual must first determine his or her type of personality and to examine themselves as others would also view them to be. It is important to know how you will be will perceived by others and in turn this can help to correct and formulate our styles to appear more concise, confident and understandable communicator which in turn helps us to get our message out to our audiences. In taking the time to study and comprehend the different ways to communicate, what we will have is essential in day to day conversations because without the knowledge of how someone perceives you, you may not know what you are doing wrong.According to the Jungian 16- Personality Test, this gave us the information in various categories to help define or to determine our own unique style in the workplace when it comes to our own style of communication and work. Personality tests gives us an insight about the person although some may argue that this may be a poor method to judge a candidate as a skill can be taught and developed over a period of time. For those who are in positions that may be more demanding, it may be to the company's best interest to have someone who is more trained and experienced in the field as that may have a greater impact on performance. (Gilbert, 2008)I recently graduated from University of Phoenix last September with my degree in Business Management with high hopes of entering the job market for what I was hoping to be a successful transition from my current employer to a new field to develop and grow but due to the state of our economy and job market, I had to reconsider my approach and return to school in hopes of learning more but also to allow time for the economy to stabilize and jobs flourishing again and thus decided to continue my education in pursuit of my MBA degree in Business Administration. My goal is to have my concentration in Marketing because I enjoy research to an extent and believe I can be of great use in the field of research as perhaps a consultant or an employee of a marketing firm. I wanted to prepare for the worst which was evident with the state of the current market but also have a plan of action readily available that will give me more of an opportunity over other candidates. It was also my understanding from my advisor that those who hold an MBA accounts for 20-25 percent of the college graduates where Bachelors are in the 50-60 percentile range which also made this more desireable.I am currently employed in the Health Care field specifically in Pharmacy Benefits Management which I have been for the past four and half years. I mentioned earlier about not entering the job market due the scarcity of...

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