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The Details Behind The Construction Industry

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Construction is a trillion dollar industry that has been vital to the expansion of civilization over the course of history; starting with the ancient Egyptian’s great pyramids made of limestone, up unto the modern day mammoth skyscrapers around the world today; Most of these innovations incorporate three elements: Lumber, metalwork, and cement; Knowing how to work and maneuver these elements into a construction venture, in a safe and resourceful way, is a monetarily beneficial asset.
For over 5 thousand years mankind has been constructing and designing buildings. From the earliest recorded structures the Egyptian pyramids are a great marvel, not only for their massive size but also for their attention to preciseness, every piece of limestone had to be individually cut, carried to the site then lifted and placed into the correct position ("Architecture Timeline"). The next important time in history is the Greece and Roman period, which was when the Romans invented the arch. This building element is still used today for the amazing pressure it can withstand. The Romans also incorporated bricks being used instead of stone, as well as dome roofs ("Architecture Timeline"). The modern style of building that is seen today was introduced in 1972. It incorporated historic and familiar elements from the previous architectural periods of history.
For every construction project there are strict guidelines that have to be followed in order for the structure to be legal. These guidelines are put forth by the organization titled the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA ("Safety Color Guide" ). OSHA has colors to coordinate where things go and how tools and materials are going to be used for specific applications. For instance, for every piece of equipment that is related to fire protection it must be the color red, for easy visibility. This color also indicates containers of flammable liquids, stop bars and switches on machinery, fire exits and barricade lights ("Safety Color Guide" ). Yellow is another key color for awareness on the job site; it is used to indicate that there should be caution in the area, or a physical hazard is apparent. Yellow also refers to the color of most of the construction equipment. Handrails, guardrails, piping systems containing dangerous materials, waste containers and unguarded edges are also painted yellow to encourage extra care and caution while in the area.
There are other key colors that show people where things are and what to be cautious of on the job site. Orange is used for dangerous parts of machinery, starting buttons on machinery, and exposed parts; Blue is for the equipment under repair and the warning labels near the power source of machinery; Green is used for safety equipment such as first aid kits, gas masks, stretchers, and if there is a presence of toxic waste safety deluge showers. ("Safety Color Guide" )
For any construction project, big or small, there are tools that are...

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