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Construction Essay

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Construction is a great hard working hands on job. Construction workers make everyday life better and easier for people around the world they make roads for traveling buildings for people to live in and much more. The work of a construction worker is always exciting there is always different jobs to take so different bosses and different people to meet.
Construction is not just an outside job like everybody thinks there are also a lot of jobs that are worked inside and there are also jobs where they work on roofs, sky scrapers, chemical plants and many more. This job cost a lot of blood, sweat, and hard work. The average work hours a day is about six to eight hours a day. Sometimes if the job is not done by the end of the day it is not unusual for the job to go through the night to try to reach the deadline so the next job can get started but the great thing about the working through the night is the extra hours and the extra hours means more money which is always good. A lot of construction sites are dangerous there are chemicals, radiation, and acid that can really harm a person so it is required to wear a safety suit. This is a job that requires a lot of traveling because when finished with a job the next job site might be in another town or even in another state.
There are a lot of things that a construction worker will need to know even if it is just common since or mathematics. There are different things different workers will need to know and there will be required classes that are needed to for this kind of work like a class that teaches what kind of material and tools to buy for each of the projects and a class to teach how to use them. Construction involves a lot of math and angels and reading blue print so 1 to 2 years of classes in college or high school will be a good head start.
There are a lot of equipment that construction workers use on a work site they climb and go up a lot of things so they need ladders and a scaffold which are movable platform for construction workers when working on the side of a building or house. During the day it can be really hot and tiring so there will be thing to bring like a water jug and something to eat to keep energy up through the day. After the workers are done the finishing workers there have to clean everything so the electrician and the painter can come in and finish the touch up.
There are many dangers working as a construction worker. To prevent injures to yourself and others be vary carful and follow all the rules. There are many things that can go wrong like fall from high places, trench collapse, scaffold collapse, falling of a roof, explosions, or even get hit by a car or forklift. More injuries are caused by not wearing the right safety equipment or wearing the equipment properly. Jeans, safety glasses, and steal toed boots are the simplest kinds of protection but it helps prevent some of the biggest injuries. Construction sites are not just on buildings and houses they are also...

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