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Construction Activities Essay

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A construction project involves numerous complex construction activities, which are influenced by uncertainties. A considerable number of activities cannot be experimented before the actual project because they would cost a noteworthy amount of time and money. These construction activities can be analyzed using simulation software packages.
There are various simulation software packages available in the market. In this paper EZSTROBE and PROBSCHED are used for simulation of construction activities. Dr.Martinez claims that “EZSTROBE is a very simple but powerful general purpose simulation system designed for modeling construction operations, but domain independent and thus useful for modeling a wide variety of systems in any discipline” (Martinez, 2001). EZSTROBE is a good tool for planning resources.
Martinez and Ioannou claim that “Critical Path Scheduling is a well developed tool for construction planning at the project level” (Martinez and Ioannou, 1998) PROBSCHED is used for scheduling of construction activities. These simulation software packages run using a simulation tool called as STROBOSCOPE. This paper describes a way to use these simulation software packages using an example of earth moving operations in the case of EZSTROBE and a residential house example in the case of PROBSCHED.

Simulation methods can be termed as one of the most effective methods available currently due to their modeling versatility and power (Martinez and Ioannou, 1998). There are various benefits for using simulation for construction activities. The benefits include estimation of productivity and resource management. The overall objective of the simulation software packages is to achieve efficiency in cost and time. The advantages of using simulation software packages are acknowledged through monitored trials in a real environment.
Simulation methods can be used on any type of construction activities. However, they suit earthmoving and road work operations the best. This may be due to the quantity of equipment involved.
The objective of this paper is to showcase how simulation can be used to analyze earthmoving operations by using a case study of the extension of Paseo del Volcan located in Rio Rancho, NM and a residential construction project located at Sandia foot hills, Albuquerque, NM. This project involves extension of Paseo Del Volcan from Iris Blvd to US 550. To achieve this objective, field data were collected from the construction site, and were then used to develop a simulation model. An alternative simulation model is developed which is more efficient in cost and time.

Construction activities are not always easy to plan. Meticulous planning involves critical decision making to achieve productivity in cost and time. This is where experience comes into play. Construction...

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