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Construction And The Environment Essay

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This report will include the specific methods in which the important features of the natural environment will need to be protected if the construction of a new private recycling centre is to be developed in the area. The environmental considerations that will be taken into account are of the proposed new uses of the land and also the previous use.As the proposed allocated site was a former Riverside Motors, of which stands on the site are a mixed group of steel framed and reinforced concrete structures comprised a garage, petrol station and car dealership. The site will require environmental issues to be resolved before the construction of the new private recycling centre takes place. The important features of which will be affected and will need protection are-•Air Quality- the affects on pollution from previous uses and its proposed new use as the new recycling centre if was to go to plan, taking the place of its pre-use as a car dealership/petrol garage. Also the concern on the location in which it is set to take place near a residential area, taking into consideration its residents.•Soil Quality- the contamination of its previous use, and its new intended use. Who is liable for the investigations of the soil and the strategies of which will be used for remediation. Including the affect it will have on wildlife and the water resources.•Land Use- the change from commercial use to community use. And the left contamination of which would have been left during its previous use.•Ozone Layer-the affects that the previous uses and the intended use would have on the ozone layer and to the contribution towards global warming, and in which gases are causing the damage.•Residential- the affects and issues the residents around the area of the proposed recycling centre will have to deal with considering all proceeds. And how the local authority will have to deal with the certain matters.These features need to be taken into account before the planning of the new recycling centre goes underway.The Air Quality from the previous use of the land was already polluted, as it was a petrol garage and car dealership of which is a commercial use and therefore is known as a form of pollution, from which the car fumes and gases were being released into the atmosphere. This is known as an Anthropogenic source, which means (human activity) related to the burning of different kinds of fuel taking into consideration in this case-•Motor vehicles generating air pollution emissions.•The burning of fossil fuels.These of which would be caused by the proposed development of the recycling centre, also was caused in affect from its previous uses.The construction of a new recycling centre will be continuing to add to this as its use will also cause pollutants, although it is a community use it wont have as much impact on the environment as it is a way in resolving the pollution issue. Also which needs to be taken into consideration is the...

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