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Construction Fall Fatalies Essay

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Accidents from fall incidents are the number one causes of death and injuries construction industries. Factors, resulting in fall accidents vary. There is vast adversity for a construction worker that might involve working in dangerous weather conditions while at high altitude. Although, equipped with fall protection, the latest tragedy shows a defect in the system. Statistics show a slight decrease in fall accidents, however, the rate of fall death and injuries in the industries is far greater.

Fall Incidents Leading To Death and Injuries in Construction Industries.
Each day construction worker and his families woke up with fear in their hearts. Horrified of the consequences of the job, ...view middle of the document...

(Bls. Gov).
Construction business deal with mass adversity each day, with numerous amount of fall hazards lurking around. A study done by NIOSH, fines that “fall from elevations were the fourth leading causes of death in the workplace”. The impact of a fall from a high altitude might have a detrimental affect a person’s body, consequently leading to death or permanent injuries.
A number of factors contribute to construction fall catastrophe which “includes unstable working surfaces, misuse, or failure to use fall protection equipment and human error”(OSHA. Gov). “Working at high altitude while on a ladder potentially puts for construction worker in danger. Ladders have a has been known to cause fall fatalities and injuries. There is a different style of ladder, and each one has different functions. Some ladders are accountable for cause worker death. The three most dangerous ladders that have a potential of causing damage to workers life are fixed, rope and stepladders” (CDC. Gov). Each of these ladders Is known to have at least one person fallen to their death.
Both OSHA and the bureau of labor statistic, lynx crane occupational fatalities to fall incidents. “OSHA link serious injuries to cranes if not used properly,”often times these injuries occurs if a worker is struck by an overhead load or caught within the cranes swing”. Base of study, construction workers was seen on job sites without fall protection gear, another factor that could have limited the impact of the fall. Another contributing factor that promotes falls is unprotected sides and edges, wall openings, or floor holes. OSHA also finds that if sides and openings are not protected, injuries from falling or falling object” (OSHA. Gov).
“Working with improper Scaffold according to OSHA accounts for a number of fall incidents, Scaffold is used to handle heavy equipment and building materials. I become hazardous if the construction is not properly put together, this could result in a very nasty fall which could lead to death or sprains” (OSHA. Gov).
Unguarded protruding steel rebars, misuse of protruding Improper Scaffold Construction Working with heavy equipment and building materials on the limited space of a scaffold is difficult. Without fall protection or safe access, it becomes hazardous. Falls from such improperly constructed scaffolds can result in injuries ranging from sprains to death.
OSHA, gave an example of the danger of unprotected side and edges as follows:“in a case of an employee taking measurements was killed when he fell backwards from an unguarded balcony to the concrete 91/2 feet below. Next is a roofer, handling a piece of fiberboard, backed up and tripped over a 7 ½ inch parapet. He fell more than 50 feet to ground level and died of severe head injuries”(OSHA. Gov).

Construction Fall Fatality is all over the media in this story of an actual occurrence, “In this case a New York construction worker injured in a 35-foot fall”. A New York...

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